Hot Shower Benefits

Hot showers, just like the cold ones, have their health benefits that we are going to explore here. The typical heat that is good for your skin would be anywhere between 96 and 105 Fahrenheit. A hot shower has the effect of making you feel good and make you have better skin. The one thing that you will need to remember before you step into a hot shower is that you should not stay there for too long. The heat will have the effect of drying out your skin too quickly if you do not keep it under ten minutes. Hot showers are very important, which is why you will need to make sure that you have the best tankless water heater for whenever you need to enjoy these benefits.

Here are some of the key benefits that you will get from having hot showers.

  1. Circulation Is Improved

Hot water is good for your skin and what lies underneath. This is because of the relaxation effect that heat produces in muscles. This warmth will help circulation speed up and blood flow will loosen the tendons, joints, muscles, and tissues. Circulation is improved when your skin has the ability to heat what is underneath. Easier blood flow will lead to better health because of the benefits of the circulation of clean oxygenated blood.

  1. Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

When you use hot water, you can have considerable success combating arthritis and joint pains that are associated with it. You will also help heal muscle tears and muscle overuse. When you heat the muscles, they tend to mellow and relax. This will allow the body to have an easier time repairing itself. You have to know that even though the remedy may not be permanent, regular use of hot water will help relieve the unnecessary pain that you may be feeling. If you combine this with the circulation improvements, you will have less pain and problems to deal with when you take hot showers.

  1. Skin Cleansing

When the pores on the skin clog up, it is very easy for you to get problems that can cause skin blemishes and accumulation of toxins. Hot water has steam, which will help open them up and let out whatever is clogging the skin up. This way, you will be able to have an easier time cleaning the skin and taking out the impurities that cause problems. After you are done with this, it is recommended that you use cold water right after you are done to make sure that the pores close up. This will also have the effect of making you feel like you have been renewed.

  1. Warm Up Before Workouts

When you are going to do workouts, it is always good to have a hot shower that will loosen up the body and let you be able to do all the things that you need to do to get in shape. It is especially good when you wake up in the morning. After sleeping all night, you can bet the muscles are rather still and will need to warm up for the workout. The blood will flow better and as you know, warming up before working out will make the exercises more effective and easier to do.

  1. The “Massage Effect”

If you cannot get a massage, a hot shower is a way to go when you want to get some relief from stiff neck and shoulders. If you allow hot water to glide over this area for 8-10 minutes, you will feel yourself loosen up. Couple that with some hand rubs and stretching and you will feel yourself loosen up almost immediately. The best stretches to do would be shoulder rolls because they will concentrate activity on the shoulders and neck.

  1. Nasal Relief

Are you having a cold and you feel like your airways are getting blocked by phlegm and mucus? Well, you can start with tea or something hot to loosen the mucus and phlegm but, you will need to warm the whole body. It will have a good effect when you want to loosen the airways and make them more pliable. This steam is effective in making you be able to breathe easily. When you have a cold, it will come accompanied with other body aches that will need you to take a hot shower to relieve.

  1. Stress and Insomnia Relief

Hot showers can act as sedatives. Stress can keep you awake and cause insomnia, which is not good for your health. If you want to get sleep easily, just take a shower that is hot for not less than minutes. If you want to kick things into high gear, add lavender oil to the mix and you will see incredible results. It calms the nerves, subsequently, the mind, and the body.

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