As a dentist, one of the marketing tools you need the most a call tracking system that will make your operations simpler. There are critical issues relating to your customers that you may not know unless you have a call tracking system. Imagine your competitors that have already acquired the call tracking system and are using it to out-compete you. It’s not that your competitors are extra smart; it’s just that they have known the importance of call tracking in dentistry. Below are 5 benefits of call tracking for dentists.

  • 1) The In-Depth Insight of Marketing Investments

Call tracking enables you to understand your patients better by receiving  their incoming calls and understanding them better. When you answer to your customers’ calls, you interact with them one-on-one, hence understanding their needs so that you can adjust your services where possible.

For instance, if one of your former patients calls and informs you that he or she wasn’t satisfied with the services he or she received. As the service provider, you’ll want to know more by questioning him or her what is it that didn’t impress him or her. When you have the feedback, you can then improve on the areas your past patient gave you insights on.

  • 2) Improved Customer Service

As the founder of your clinic, you are the boss or the head; you control every operation within your facility. Therefore, you need to monitor how your employees answer to phone calls and determine whether or not they are doing it right. If not, take measures to improve on how they respond to the phone calls.

For example, you can decide to offer orientation and training to your new employees so that they can know exactly what is expected of them. Alternatively, you can ensure you only recruit competent employees with marketing skills. Check out Patient Prism dental marketing software solutions to give you some insight.

  • 3) Minimized Marketing Expenses

You can use the data you have collected to determine your next step. Try to monitor the number of phone calls coming from each channel, and then approximate which of your ads triggered the most calls.

The best of all is that you can calculate your cost per lead. Additionally, you can track multiple campaigns at a go. For example, a Facebook ad may trigger ten inquiries while a billboard may trigger only two inquiries.

  • 4) Increased Lead Generation

If you are a dental company that misses calls every now and again, you should be worried because every missed call is a missed business opportunity. Why? When a patient calls and doesn’t find you on the line, he or she is likely to call your competitor who is likely to respond to his or her call.

With call tracking, missed opportunities to convert are avoided.

But here is the good news; you can still opt to do a follow up on calls that you missed if they have the potential to convert.

  • 5) Increased Conversion Rates

The best call tracking provider must deliver an accurate appointment conversion metrics. When a customer calls your dental company, there is a higher probability that the customer will be converted and ultimately be your customer if the response he or she got was the best.

  • Final Thoughts

Now you know the advantages of having a call tracking system and how it will impact your dental company. Don’t hesitate to try it out.

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