Bikes have been an important part of our daily lives. There are many various kinds of bikes like road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrid bike commuting like going to school or work. Here are some popular types of bikes that are being used nowadays, you may choose one among them that suits you best –

  1. Road bikes: If you live in an area where the roads are in great condition, then this is the bike you may purchase. This bike is very light and aerodynamic, so it provides the rider with smooth and fast riding. However, it does not provide much comfort on a rough surface.
  2. Touring bikes: This bike is similar to road bikes but because it has the purpose of traveling a long distance, it has a tougher buildup and also provides the rider with a relaxed sitting position. You may come across mudguards and panniers while traveling, so, touring bikes are made extra strong to deal with these.
  3. Mountain bikes: It is one of the sturdiest bikes. Mountain bikes are used for riding on uneven surfaces like off-road, uphill and downhills. The upright riding position and low gears make them a great option for commuters when you are on rough and slippery roads. They can keep the riders stable and steady even when faced with potholes. However, this bike is not very fast.
  4. Hybrid bikes: Hybrid bikes are for those riders who want the ultimate commuting solution for both on-road and off-road. They are all-in-one, strong, safe, fast and comfortable because they are equipped with the features of both road bikes and mountain bikes. At the same time, all the advantages of those two bikes are eliminated to make this one.
  5. Electric bikes: Electric bikes are for those commuters who carry heavy loads on their bikes. Generally, it is difficult to take loads on bikes, especially when you are climbing hills, it takes a lot of strength. However, electric bikes function on their own power. Moreover, you do not need to pay tax for them, so, they are a lot cheaper option than motorized vehicles.
  6. Cyclocross bikes: Another bike that looks like a road bike but is much tougher. These bikes are lighter than mountain bikes, so you can run them fast on road, but at the same time, they are also designed for riding on the muddy off-road surface. This is the bike for you if you want both speed and toughness in your bike.
  7. Folding bikes: Sometimes, certain situations arise when you need to carry your bike with you. For example, you may want to take your bike on public transport, or your home or office may not have a parking place, so you have to take your bike inside. Folding bikes are the perfect solution for this as they are easily portable. However, you cannot depend on this bike if you are very tall or going on a very long journey. Fitness about has a list of the best folding exercise bikes in the market.
  8. Single speed/fixed wheel bikes: If you are looking for a bike that is simple and lasts for a very long time then this is the bike for you since there are no gear or moving parts that may malfunction and cause damage to the bike. However, it is only for a flat surface and you need to be physically fit to ride this.
  9. Women’s bikes: Women are physically different, so they need to ride bikes specifically designed for them. These bikes make it easy for the riders to reach the handlebars with a shorter top tube. The saddle is also specialized so you can sit comfortably and do not develop pain. There are several types of women’s bikes in an affordable range now.

Based on your requirement, you can have a mountain bike, a cyclocross bike or a hybrid bike for commuting.

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