Since the discovery of the wheel, cars are one of the most convenient machines made by man. Owning a vehicle makes your life easier, not forgetting how these 4-wheeled possessions can be dear when it comes to doing business. But then again, your van or vehicle will barely satisfy your needs without taking proper care of it. As a matter of fact, your van’s performance and how long it lasts will depend on the level of maintenance it is provided with. When van maintenance is neglected, things such as safety, ownership costs, and resale value are always negatively affected. But why exactly is it extremely important to keep your van well-maintained from the point of purchase?

Starting with what vehicle maintenance entails, here are 7 reasons why you should never neglect van maintenance.

What Does Vehicle Maintenance Entail?

Car maintenance may involve a number of tasks that need to be performed regularly to avoid some of the problems, issues or damages that we will discuss later below. Even though some of them may need to be performed at the car tune-up service center, below are some common DIY vehicle maintenance tasks that you can perform as a van owner or everyday driver.

  • Regular fluid checks – this involves checking the levels of your van’s transmission fluid, engine oil, and coolant. When the level of these fluids run too low, engine problems such as overheating could develop, which could further lead to other serious damages or consequences.
  • Change your oil regularly – your van’s engine oil levels should always be sufficient to its smooth running. Instead of topping it up, it is important to consider changing your engine oil from scratch at least after every 3000 miles. This is because, with time, dirt, and elements of corrosion may accumulate in the engine’s oil tank, which could potentially reduce the lifetime of your engine.
  • Check tire pressure – this is a very basic but overly important task. your tires need to have just the right amount of pressure to allow the vehicle to move and operate properly, not forgetting that too much or too little air pressure in tires can increase their risk of wearing out faster or even blowing.  
  • Clean and change air filters often – dirty engine air filters can have a negative impact on your vehicle’s engine lifespan. It can also increase the automobile’s gasoline consumption. It’s important to do your homework or refer to your van’s manual to determine when and how often you need to clean the engine air filters or change them.  

In addition to these, it’s important to take your vehicle for maintenance checks regularly. as promised above, here are the reasons to never neglect van maintenance.

1. You Can’t Overlook the Importance of Safety

Some accidents that happen on the road result from the lack of proper vehicle maintenance. For instance, brake failure, bad wipers, and tires in poor condition can be the main cause of an accident even though most people tend to blame it on poor driving. As a matter of fact, neglected maintenance can easily put you on the wrong side of the law in case your van is involved in an accident where a personal injury claim is being sought against you. Jeff Preszler from Preszler Law ( says that in any personal injury claim against a property owner, the burden is placed on the victim to prove that negligent maintenance caused their injuries.

2. You Need Top Performance and Reliability

A well-maintained vehicle will obviously perform better than a neglected van. It will be more reliable!

3. The Resale Value Matters

When it comes to resale, a vehicle that is in good condition will obviously fetch more than a van with a noisy engine, failing brakes, an overheating engine, broken wiper blades, and the like. As a matter of fact, some vehicle buyers request for evidence of its service history before negotiating about the price. Neglecting your van’s maintenance will only reduce its market value.

4. Maintenance Affects the Ownership Costs

Regular maintenance can reduce your van’s risk of sustaining major damages (especially the engine-related ones). This reduces the possibility of spending on major vehicle repairs and keeps the ownership costs low while increasing your van’s lifespan. In fact, problems that could potentially escalate into large-scale malfunctions can be identified and corrected at an early stage during routine van maintenance tasks.

5. Roadside Stress Can Be Prevented

Getting stuck on the road after your car breaks down can be overly frustrating and humiliating. In most cases, this arises from low fluid levels, overheated engine, flat tires, and the like. Proper regular van maintenance can help prevent those bad, expensive, and stressful roadside emergencies.

6. Gas Can Be Expensive

Let’s face it, gas is one of the most expensive commodities, especially since it has become an every day (recurrent) necessity. When van maintenance is neglected and the various parts of the engine are affected, the vehicle tends to struggle too when on the move, which leads to an increased demand for energy. This energy comes from gasoline, which means that you end up spending more money at the pump if your vehicle is not well-maintained and in top shaped.

7. It’s A Huge Investment

You probably bought a van for family transport, business, or other personal uses. And the truth is, you probably invested a couple of thousands of dollars on the vehicle. Regardless of how many more you own, that one van is a huge investment that needs to be given the best care possible in order to last long and reciprocate the value for money.

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As you can see, a lot is at stake when you neglect regular maintenance for your van. In sum, regular maintenance can ensure a long life for your van while reducing the costs associated with owning it. It can improve the driver’s and passenger’s safety, protect your investment, and increase the vehicle’s resale value. This makes it important to have your van also serviced by professionals at least once every few months.

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