Vaping has taken off in a huge way in the last year or two, and these days it’s pretty standard to see people enjoying their vape pens in outdoor cafes, parks and even some bars. E-liquids for vape pens come in all kinds of flavors, from the traditional tobacco, through to coffee, mint, pretty much all fruit tastes and not forgetting sweet treats like donuts and cotton candy; but did you know you can also use your vape pen to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil? If you’re looking to purchase CBD Vape Oil, then this site could be a great place to check out.

What you gain from vaping CBD oil

Of course you need to buy a specially designed CBD rich e-liquid as vape pens are not designed to just use any old oil you like, but the potential benefits of switching from your usual delicious flavored e-liquid to vaping CBD oil are many and varied. For example:

–       The feel good vape experience without the nicotine your standard e-liquid contains. CBD oil is non-addictive so you won’t be simply replacing one dependency for another.

–       A more natural vaping experience as high quality CBD oil designed for vape pens is thoroughly tested for safety, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about what you are breathing into your body.

–       Instant access to the good feelings CBD oil induces, including pain relief if applicable.

–       Anyone who has been using CBD oil in different ways, such as topically or by tincture will appreciate how easy it is to control the dosage taken via vape pen. There’s no need to wait on food containing CBD to be digested, or get different effects each time based on this kind of influencing factor.

Vaping with CBD oil boosts CBD’s bioavailability

When you consume CBD oil the method used controls the ratio which will ever actually affect you, so if you add it to food or take in capsule form you can expect around fifteen percent to get into your bloodstream, while this number will shoot up to around 50 – 60 percent when CBD oil is inhaled.

Vaping with CBD oil is very easy

Once you have purchased some specially designed CBD vape juice, (which is generally available online, or at a specialist dispensary/store if you happen to live in the right area), you simply add it to your vape pen per the instructions and you are ready to go.

While you can choose elements such as the brand of CBD oil vape juice you purchase, or the strength which you feel best suits your needs, one thing which you cannot compromise on is the temperature CBD oil needs to be vaped at.

You will do better with a vape pen which has an adjustable temperature setting, as the optimum heat to vape CBD oil at is 410°F. (Higher temperatures will cause the vapor to be uncomfortably hot when inhaled, while lower temperatures risk not evaporating the all-important cannabinoids.)

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