One of the toughest times that a family or a circle of friends face is learning one of your loved ones is struggling with an addiction. Whether their addiction is related to drugs, alcohol or any other type, helping them deal with it isn’t often easy. Some may be rebellious, while others exhibit range, manipulative acts and the guilt that comes with it are devastating.

But despite all this, choosing to stick with them through these trying moments is the best thing you can ever do. What should you do? How do you behave? Get the answers in this post. Keep scrolling!

Set strong boundaries, but be available

There is a different kind of way that you should love an addict. You don’t want to do anything that will seem like you’re supporting their behavior. Set fresh firm boundaries between you two and start making use of the word “No” more often. What might have been okay with you in the past might no longer be now.

Yes, it might be difficult to say it, especially if it means seeing them suffer, but you will be helping them in the long run. And that’s what you should keep reminding yourself. Be supportive, but don’t cover for their mistakes. Let them face the consequences, alone.

Remain optimistic

Dealing with an addict can completely weigh you down, especially now that you will be seeing their deteriorating state every day. But worrying too much and losing hope won’t help them get any better. If anything, it will make them buy into the assumption that their situation is irredeemable.

Instead, make it your responsibility to focus on identifying and meeting your needs. The last thing you can ever wish for at such a time is getting drained both physically and emotionally. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you. Don’t forget your spiritual side.

Don’t try to reason with them, but encourage them to seek help

When someone is under the influence of a substance, they become a shadow of themselves and can barely see the logic. So trying to get them to understand your point of view is useless because their reality is already distorted. Instead, be patient with them and keep feeding them with relevant information whenever you get the chance.

Don’t ever tire encouraging them to get the much-needed help. They will fight to change when they get the will from within and know that there’s no other option left. Be there when that time comes. This article from the addiction experts from DayHab in Australia provides all the information you need to know about drug addictions and their symptoms. If you identify any of those in your loved one, practical and emotional support is what they need.

Set a good example

You can’t preach oil and be drinking water. So if you want them to quit something, let it go as well. Eat clean, avoid alcohol and anything else that will trigger their cravings. Seeing you live a normal life without any abuse, can ignite a quitting fire in them.

Seeing your loved one deal with an addiction is an experience you won’t wish on anyone else. But no matter how hard, stick around and help them get through it. And you can achieve that by applying the above tips. Stay strong!

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