Smoking is cool and fun until you decide the health risks aren’t worth it and it’s time to ditch the habit. Transitioning to e-cigs  may be difficult for any hardcore smoker and can be quite the struggle, plus there is no guarantee it will substitute the desire for a traditional cigarette.

However, not everyone who chooses to vape is in it for the love of nicotine. You’ve probably seen how vaping is taking over the fashion streets by a storm, and that is perhaps the reason. In fact, research shows that the majority of youthful vape users are in it for the fun and style, while the older vapers  are just trying to quit traditional cigarettes by having safer nicotine doses.

So, what do you need to know about vaping? Here are essential things that you should know about e-cigarettes if you are planning to walk down that path, as a way of quitting smoking:

  • Ideal e-cigs to accommodate anyone

You must understand that e-cigs come in different sizes, quality, and even different e-liquid flavors to accommodate anyone, unlike traditional standard cigarettes.

  • You may end up vaping too much

Some vapes, especially the ones recommended for beginners, do not contain as much nicotine level as the traditional cigarettes. Therefore, when your body tries to get the average level that it is used to, you may end up vaping too much.

  • You’ll cough and suffer dry mouth as a beginner

Coughs and dry mouth are common for beginners, but you’ll get used with time and do it like a seasoned vaper. It would be best if you always carried your water bottle with you to prevent the formation of cottonmouth that will probably make everyone think you are a hard smoker.

After knowing what to expect as a beginner, you would probably want to give it a try. You must also note that research shows people who try to quit smoking often get successful when they swap it with vaping. However, for a few unlucky fellows, the transition is never smooth, and they may slide back after a while. Here are a few tips that will help you get a smooth transition.

  • Get a befitting vape

Vapes come in different varieties and shapes. If you want to go for discretion, then you should pick on the small compact ones. You should, however, know that they have poor battery life. If huge clouds of vape fascinate you and would wish to vape the whole day, then you should go for large vapes.

  • Test for best e-liquids

As a beginner, you can start vaping culture by trying out different e-liquid flavors to get your taste. It will give you an easier time when you vape from a flavor that fascinates you. However, it may take a longer time before you sample all the types. In less than a week or so, you should find what does the magic for you.

  • Start with a simple mod

Since you are looking to adopt this new mode of nicotine consumption, you must take it easy and avoid complex mods until you discern that you are doing the right thing.

  • Start swapping gradually

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Similarly, you cannot just wake up one day and decide that smoking is bad for you and now make a decision to start vaping. Everything is gradual and undertaken with measured steps!

  • Use the right nicotine amounts

If you are used to traditional cigarettes, which you consider unsafe and with abnormal nicotine levels, then make sure to keep your e-liquid at moderate nicotine levels until you eventually adapt to that quantity fully.

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