Addiction is not only physical but psychological as well. Too often addicts are marginalized by the society, peers, media or even ones’ own family which makes them feel like fundamentally flawed and lesser than others.

Is Addiction A Problem?

Addiction is not a problem neither a disease rather people opt for drugs as a solution to their problems. They see this as a way out to their never-ending sorrows of life and to escape that individuals get to take drugs which might have been under some influence in the first place but later it becomes a trap once the society isolates them as well.

Labelling them with names such as “crack head” etc. further isolates such people who actually need more compassion and care or maybe this puts them into an unending trap of addiction due to the societal treatment.

Thus, understanding the need that shaming addicts will further push them towards it and is a hurdle in the healing process, Alo House Recovery Centers missioned to provide unique, high-quality drug and alcohol treatment services at every possible step but that along within the commune of care.

A Home Away From Home

Believing that meaningful connections and kindness are the very basics of a journey towards recovery, Alo House, based in Malibu is dedicated to providing an honest, authentic and homelike treatment environment which gives the clients very progressive surroundings to heal. To further this process,       Alo house care is provided by skilful professionals and those who truly understand the pain and trauma of going through addiction.

This is a place as good as it gets because the staff really helps to unpack the traumas of their clients, and space provided also connects people to nature with the peaceful gardens all around which also gives a homely feeling. But it actually is about the people who make up that comfortable environment for the clients to come out of trauma in no time.

The Community Concept

Isolation impedes ones’ ability to function properly as it takes more energy to be lonely, which literally affects people a lot and that too with an addiction it can prove to be devastating.

The community does not merely mean a group of people, rather it provides the human connection that helps in healing both physical and mental. The community is the central component to communicate the empathy with the fellows in a better way as empathy along with medicine shows better results. This helps strengthen the ability to participate, and in turn, provides a strong healing process.

Where individuals will get:

  • Connection and not control
  • Engagement with a loving and caring community
  • Treatment with kindness

All these things will thus enable individuals with autonomy with dignity, where they can challenge their growth with freedom while being safe. This strength-based system of treatment will aid in a quick recovery while staying a part of the society in a positive manner for individuals to stop blaming others for their problems and to start living for themselves.

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