It used to be common for cigarette smokers to switch to a smokeless form of tobacco known as “dip” as a way of kicking the habit. Unfortunately, that has left many people all over the world still addicted to a substance that can cause cancer and other serious health problems.

Taking the next step and ditching dip for goodwill always be the healthy, responsible option. Just like with smoking cigarettes, dipping can be a challenging habit to kick.

Fortunately, there are some effective ways to keep the urge to use the tobacco-based dip to a minimum. The five types of products described below have helped many get free of dip’s grip for good.

  1. Hemp Dip

The cannabinoid CBD has been making headlines for years, and interest in it is still ramping up. CBD is most often extracted from strains of hemp that have been bred to produce little or no psychoactive THC.

Dips made from hemp have quickly become mainstays of people trying to rid their lives of tobacco. Products like the one described at emphasize quality, safety, and regulatory compliance in ways that inspire confidence.

Many dip users also find that hemp makes for an especially pleasant substitute. Switching to a hemp dip can be a great way of ditching a dangerous habit while exploring what CBD has to offer.

  1. Mint Dip

Common mint leaves have been chewed by dip fans in search of an alternative for decades. Mint is so easy to grow that some dip users even cultivate their own supplies at home and turn them into tobacco-free dips.

If there is a downside to using mint as a dip substitute, it is likely that the taste can become overbearing. Many people who end up settling on mint-based substitutes were heavy users of tobacco dips flavored the same way.

  1. Coffee Pouches

Much like the nicotine that so many are unhappily addicted to, the caffeine found in coffee perks people up and makes them feel more energetic. Many people who quit dipping find that drinking cups of coffee or caffeine-heavy energy drinks help them through the lows that come with nicotine withdrawal.

A fairly popular alternative is to dip paper pouches containing small amounts of roasted, ground coffee. Just like with dipping tobacco, this enables a fairly consistent, regular way for the body to extract the characteristic stimulant from the substance in question. Likely to be most appealing to those who enjoy the taste of coffee, such pouches can even be made at home.

  1. Tea Pouches

Billions of people worldwide find coffee too overbearing and prefer the subtlety and refinement of tea. As with ground coffee, suitably prepared tea leaves can be loaded into pouches that can be used as a substitute for a dip.

Keeping a pouch full of tea between lip and gums will provide a steady but modest drip of caffeine. Doing coffee one better, tea can even be grown fairly easily in backyards in many places.

  1. Plug Licorice

Plenty of people dislike the intense taste of black licorice, but many others find it appealing. Dip users in the latter camp sometimes discover that supplies of dense, long-lasting plug-style licorice help them kick the habit.

Tear off a piece of this lightly sweetened treat and it can be left next to the gums for many minutes. Some users even find that the taste of licorice is reminiscent enough of tobacco that it keeps them from craving dip.

Quitting dip can be just as difficult as kicking the habit of smoking cigarettes, as millions have discovered. The five dip substitutes above have helped many make this important sort of progress.

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