Regardless of your level of experience in the gym, you probably are familiar with most of your muscles. Each muscle plays a major role and if one or more of them are weak, it is highly likely that you are suffering to some degree. Beginning with the trapezius muscle, better known as “traps” in the gym world, it is important to learn exactly where it is located, its roles and if it needs strengthening. This very large muscle is located in the upper back and on either side of the spine. If you are experiencing poor balance, stamina and endurance, it is more than likely that the culprit is a weak trapezius muscle. Below, you will discover several tips to help you strengthen your traps.

Get A Gym Membership

One of the first things you should consider doing is investing in a gym membership. Here you will find professional trainers that are very familiar with the traps. In most cases, new members are allotted two or three free fitness training sessions. Be sure to take advantage of these freebies to learn how to properly strengthen your trapezius muscle and improve your overall health.

Perform Shoulder Blade Squeeze

As a newbie in the fitness world, you probably have never heard of the shoulder blade squeeze. Performing this exercise routinely will definitely help your traps in more way than one. It will strengthen it, while helping it perform its roles better. The shoulder blade squeeze is a very simple exercise that can be performed with a resistance band or cables. The exercise can also be performed correctly without any type of fitness equipment. Be sure to ask your trainer about more traps workout tips, because you can utilize them later on to mix up your workout to prevent boredom.

Perform The Shrug

The Shrug exercise is also very easy to perform. In fact, it can be performed with or without fitness equipment. However, if you have access to weights, you can utilize them to maximize your gain. The more important thing to remember, when you are performing the Shrug is you will need to maintain good posture throughout the entire exercise. This will eliminate any risk of injury, while helping to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

Perform Upright Row

The Upright Row is a very popular traps exercise. However, you will need at least one dumbbell to perform this exercise properly. Those with a higher skill level will typically utilize two dumbbells, someone with your skill level should start with a single dumbbell. If you do not have a dumbbell on hand, you can utilize the next best alternative, a barbell. Again, you will need to maintain good posture throughout the entirety of this exercise.

Perform Pushups

Surely you are familiar with the pushup. Just about everyone had to perform them as a student, when they went to gym class. This is a very simple exercise that does not require any type of fitness equipment. They can also be performed just about anywhere, such as a gym, in the backyard and in a park.

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