The anxiety that comes with waiting for a drug test result is always unexplainable. There’s nothing as disheartening as getting a false positive without your knowledge.

There are times where an initial drug screening test can result in a false positive. Nonetheless, a confirmatory analysis can lessen the chances of such an outcome. Are you wondering what you ought to do to avoid this predicament? You ought to find the ideal drug test kit and know what is a urine drug test cup is and the different brands that are easier to use. The urine cups provide accurate results, come with a temperature strip as well as a wide clean-catch brim.

  • Provide the correct medical history

Before any drug test, you must avail of all medicine prescription, OTC, or herbal drugs that you might have used before collection of the sample. Some of these medications often result in false positive as they cross-react with other substances.

Dextromethorphan and poppy seeds can result in a false positive for opiates, while ephedrine causes false positive for amphetamines.

Various medications, including antidepressants, antiemetics, antibiotics, and antipsychotics, can result in a false positive. The lab conducting the drug test ought to now about these medication concerns. You also need to consult with the pharmacist in case of an upcoming drug test so that they can change your medication. The professional pharmacists can minimize the chance of medication-related instances of a false positive or false negative. Thus, reducing the need to getting additional tests or misinterpretation of urine immunoassay testing.

Getting a false-negative drug test is another common occurrence. It’s when the urine drug concentration is below the stipulated threshold stated by the lab.

It would mean that there was deliberate contamination of the drug testing sample. There are times where a test will come out with low creatinine lab values.

It could either mean the individual drank a lot of fluids, thus diluting the urine before submitting the sample. Or the person might have added water, table salt, ammonia, soap, bleach, or vinegar to the urine sample.

You ought to know that the creatinine levels get used in conjunction with specific gravity to establish if the sample became diluted. To assist in avoiding this problem, the collector might color the toilet water blue, thus preventing the urine samples from getting diluted with toilet water.

Have a drug policy concerning false positive or false negative. 

As a company, you must have a clear drug and alcohol policy that’s reasonable, clearly highlighted, and thoroughly explained. The strategy ought to be compliant with the state laws as well. Failure to point out the policy could result in statutory penalties as well as monetary damages. The rules concerning the legalization of marijuana are rapidly changing.

You ought to stay a step ahead as you deter inappropriate use of alcohol as well as drugs at the place of work.

You must ensure you know more about what is a urine drug test cup and how to choose sterile urine collection cups. It will enable you to avoid ant false positive as well as the false negative result that often gets dreaded during a drug test.

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