Alcohol is a popular way to relax, have fun and mood. Male addiction may influence work, family life, and relationships with friends in a bad way. What about its influence on men’s health? What are the risks? Scroll down to find out all about them.

Influence on brain

Alcohol is often used to enhance mood. While we drink, we feel arousal and a surge of strength, because alcohol suppresses the work of centers responsible for self-monitoring, judgment, and planning after penetrating the blood-brain barrier. However, this action ends fairly quickly, a rollback occurs, and a man feels depressed and angry in the morning.

Alcohol begins to destroy the brain much earlier than the liver. At the same time, the damage is caused not only by heavy alcoholism but also simply by regular portions of alcohol. Before making a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis, a person usually goes through depression and problems with self-control. The danger for men over 40 is not only in the deterioration of brain function but also in the complexity of diagnosis.

If the bad mood of 20- and 30-year-olds signal to people around that they have health problems, then older people are most often said that they have simply gained bad character. Although it is possible it’s not the age, but the negative impact of alcohol. However, the good news is that brain function is restored only six months after quitting alcohol and cooperation with facility providing drug rehabilitation for men.

Influence on skin

Alcohol helps to increase blood vessels and accelerate blood flow, which can cause chronic redness of the skin called rosacea. Despite the fact that the redness decreases after a few hours, the vessels increase and the venous network becomes visible on the skin with regular use of alcohol. This can be treated with a laser, but it’s better to contact a men-only rehab.

Another consequence is a rash on the skin. Alcohol increases stress and anger, which leads to an increase in the level of androgens and promotes the formation of acne. In addition, alcohol leads to dehydration of the skin and to peeling and the formation of bags under the eyes. Sugar in beer and wine destroys collagen, reduces the elasticity of the skin and contributes to its aging.

Influence on heart

Studies suggest that red wine has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, but only if you drink no more than one glass a day. Exceeding the limit (3-4 glasses for men) increases blood pressure both in the short and long term increases the risk of a heart attack. Uncontrolled drinking also leads to depletion of heart valves and leads to heart failure.

We cannot state for sure that small doses of alcohol will never influence man’s heart. A small dose may be absolutely okay for one man while it can lead to severe problems with health.

Influence on liver

Cirrhosis has ceased to be a disease of alcoholics, it is increasingly diagnosed in middle-aged men who periodically sorted out with alcohol. In youth, with regular drinking of alcohol, the liver can become slightly fat, but if you do not give up the habit after 40 years, the fat starts to inflame, scars appear, the liver contracts and this all may lead to cirrhosis.

To restore the liver, it is necessary to regularly arrange for it at least three fasting days a week. At the same time, they include not only refusal from alcohol, but also a healthy diet along with physical activity – you can get more detailed information in the nearest rehab for men.

Cancer cells

You can’t say exactly what level of alcohol does not affect the risk of cancer. Once in the body, ethanol breaks down into acetaldehyde that influences on the cells that cause cancer. Thus, any amount of alcohol can be dangerous, and if a man smokes, his risk of cancer of the oral cavity and pharynx increases, since alcohol increases the sensitivity of cells to tobacco smoke. You never know if you are a lucky man or not. Drinking alcohol means joining a risky venture that can have a very sad ending. Regular alcohol use may seem positive only at the moment of taking it, but it’s only a misconception.

Influence on reproductive function

When there’s heavy drinking with over five portions of a drink within two-four hours, this will have a highly negative impact on sperm production. If a man mixes over 14 drinks within one week, his level of testosterone will significantly lower and therefore, the amount of sperm will also become less. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels and fertility, especially after 40. We recommend viewing men-only rehab programs that help men get rid of addiction.

Influence on weight

The body perceives alcohol as a toxin, so it begins to digest it faster than food in order to remove dangerous substances as soon as possible. At the same time, alcohol beverages are usually high-calorie, which means that after the digestive system returns to digesting food, it will be stored in fat due to an excess of calories.

Studies have also shown that ethanol inhibits the production of leptin, the hormone that is responsible for appetite. That’s why the body cannot understand whether it’s better to stop eating or not. Sweet alcohol drinks increase insulin levels that contribute to the deposition of fat.


No one knows about a safe dose of alcohol for men. There are no investigations or researches that could surely state that a glass of wine per day will improve men’s health for sure. Every drop has its influence on some parts of the body. It’s good to know about the risks and what consequences of taking alcohol can be. Contacting a rehab for men can help to solve the problem of alcohol addiction at the earliest stages and prevent any serious consequences.

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