Worried you will fall back into old habits after you finish rehab? Make sure you click here to learn how to stay sober after addiction treatment.


Half of all Americans have a loved one who is or has been addicted to drugs. Rehab is one of the best ways for patients to get clean. The longer the time in rehab, the less likely someone is to relapse. If you’ve spent only a short amount of time in rehab, you may be worried that you will fall back into old habits. In this article, we’ll look at how to stay sober after addiction treatment.

1. Build Your Support System

This time should be exciting! You’re finally free of the demons that were ruining the best days of your life.  Make sure to only surround yourself with people who are happy that you have changed your life for the better. That means saying goodbye to any bad influences. If you need to move back in with your parents or sleep on the couch of a close friend for a few weeks, so be it! You may be feeling fragile and susceptible, so let your close friends and family know so they can help you. Are you feeling lonely? Go to a support group and make friends with other sober people. As well as this, find a sober group on Facebook so you always have someone to talk to. 

2. Don’t Miss Follow-Up Appointments

This is a must. If you’re going to stay sober after rehab, you need to hold yourself accountable. When you’re feeling great, it may be easy to skip the odd meeting or avoid going to your follow-up appointments altogether. But, it’s essential to keep to these appointments to track your progress and receive advice from health care professionals. Drug rehab that accepts tricare is one of the best options for providing follow-up appointments and making sure patients don’t slip back into old habits.

3. Build New Healthy Habits

While you were using, were you eating badly, staying indoors regularly, and never exercising? It’s now time to build healthy habits that are completely different from your previous lifestyle. Eating healthily should come top of the list. In fact, food is perhaps one of the best medicines of all time. So, learn to cook delicious meals from scratch. Secondly, exercise is an important habit to build. Try going for a long walk every day and build up to running a few times per week. You should find that not only do you feel healthier, you’re also full of energy and hopefully a lot happier too. Finally, choose a hobby that you can attend regularly. Why not attend a book club or go to a choir? Why not try dancing or chess club? There are hundreds of options. Not only does this give your mind a creative outlet, but it’s a great way to meet new people. 

This is an exciting time in your life. So, make sure you build plans for the future that you will look forward to. For example, why not start saving up for a trip? Why not try and meet a partner online and start dating? Are you still wondering how to stay sober? Check out the rest of this website for more information and ideas.

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