People who vape love the clouds they produce. But not everyone who vapes is concerned about cloud making.

For those folks who are trying to join in vaping competitions, winning is seen through how creative they are when it comes to cloud-chasing. And by that, those who gained victory have shared their secret – and that is to use the right vape juice that can produce massive cloudlike forms on air.

Cloud-Chasing Vapers Love

Cloud-chasing – it does sound fun and captivating. Also, it looks good. But little do some people know that this is also called as competitive vaping or stunt vaping. A lot of vapers love to create cloud-like smokes because they boost up something in them – in essence with their confidence, skills, and creativity. And it is true, cloud-chasing makes vape enthusiasts work more in higher competitions. This is because they are very much attracted to this wonder.

Factors for Cloud Creation

 There are three factors you need to eye on with an e-liquid when it comes to cloud-chasing.

 o   High Vegetable Glycol

 This is vital when it comes to producing thick clouds. Vegetable Glycol is made from real veggies which acquire thicker consistency. This gives out heavy vapor. It is best to check out e-liquids that contain more Vegetable Glycol for those impressive clouds you are aiming at.

 o   Nicotine Content

 Nicotine content is another factor to consider when producing clouds. Using juices that contain around 6-9 mg of nicotine affects cloud making as it makes you feel relax. This makes your breathing pleasant in producing thick clouds.

 o   High-Quality Equipment

 It is best to use Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers as they are great for cloud chasing. You may also use Rebuildable Tank Atomizers and Dripping Tank Atomizers for more option.

Top Three Best Cloud-Making Juices

 To get you started, here are the top three best juices to use when producing fluffy clouds.

o   Unicorn Milk

 Created by Cuttwood E-Liquid, Unicorn Milk offers you 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% Vegetable Glycol. Its flavor is similar to that of a strawberry milk which really tastes good.

 o   Hawaiian POG

 This is produced by Naked 100E-Liquid which contains a ratio of 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% Vegetable Glycol. This brings you huge clouds. Aside from that, with its tropical fruit flavor, it surely makes you want to puff out smoke for more.

 o   Crumbleberry

 Manufactured by The Milkman E-Liquid, Crumbleberry brings out thick and gigantic smoke as it provides 99% Vegetable Glycol. Its flavor is the same to that of a rich Danish raspberry crème which brings in more delight during cloud-puffing competitions.

To Wrap Things Up

 Whether you are a beginner or an advanced cloud chaser, using the right equipment and ingredients can help you reach your goals. Becoming a master cloud creator is easy, also when you use up some of your creativity in producing something out of these clouds than only exhaling it out on you. And with the help of these factors and best juices to use, cloud chasing will be more than only blowing out smokes. You will then begin considering it as an art form, which a lot of vape enthusiasts are already developing with.


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