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Determined to quit smoking and make it stick? Do yourself a favour and avoid reading too much into the following common misconceptions and untruths:

  1. MYTH: Stop smoking treatments don’t really work

This particular myth stems from the fact that not all stop smoking medicines work for all smokers. Nevertheless, prescription treatments like Champix and Zyban have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness in clinical trials. In fact, Champix has the potential to double or even triple a person’s likelihood of successfully giving up smoking.

  1. MYTH: Nicotine therapy causes cancer

One of the most common misconceptions regarding smoking in general is that nicotine causes cancer. In reality, nicotine is one of the most harmless of all substances in tobacco. Unfortunately, it is also the most addictive. Nicotine replacement therapy removes the cancer-causing elements from the equation, which include carbon monoxide and tar. Hence, nicotine therapy does not and will not adversely affect cancer risk.

  1. MYTH: You can’t combine smoking cessation products

You can, but you need to be careful and sensible if planning to do so. If you’re provided with a course of prescription medication, you need to be very careful when combining it with anything else. However, there’s typically nothing to worry about when combining things like nicotine patches with mouth sprays, nicotine gums and so on. If in doubt, ask your doctor or pharmacist for their recommendations.

  1. MYTH: Champix causes depression

It’s important to remember that prescription medications in general always have different effects from one person to the next. On one hand, it’s true to say that Champix has been linked with bouts of depression in some users. But at the same time, the overwhelming majority of those who use Champix experience no such side-effects whatsoever. If any adverse side-effects are experienced, the course of medication should be halted immediately.

  1. MYTH: Smoking cessation treatments are too expensive

This really couldn’t be further from the truth. Particularly when it comes to quality nicotine replacement therapy, which is often provided free of charge or on prescription. Even where charges apply, it still works out exponentially cheaper and healthier than buying and smoking cigarettes. While there may be cheaper smoking cessation tools and products on the market, quality counts when it comes to your health.

  1. MYTH: Stop smoking treatments will cure me

Unfortunately, there really is no such thing as a ‘cure’ when it comes to smoking. Even when you’ve well and truly kicked the habit, this doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself craving a cigarette from time to time. This is where willpower and commitment come into the equation. You cannot expect smoking cessation treatments to do all the hard work on your behalf. If you do, you’re largely doomed to fail.

  1. MYTH: I can’t use stop smoking treatments if I’m pregnant

Last up, quitting smoking when pregnant should be considered mandatory by any smoker with even a modicum of common sense. Smoking while pregnant has the potential to cause irreparable damage – all of which could easily be avoided. If looking to quit smoking while pregnant, speak to your doctor to discuss the most effective and safest courses of treatment available for you personally.


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