A lot of vapers make the switch the RDAs, dripping atomisers, because it is easier to switch flavours with them. With so many flavours to choose from, it is hard not to get tempted to try them out. You can even pick up samples of different flavours, or get a selection of samples for free with your purchases.

Just because you use a tank atomiser, doesn’t mean you can’t try different flavours too. The next several tips we are about to discuss will help you change flavours with a tank atomiser more effectively. Let’s get started, shall we?

Stick with a Palette

If you take a closer look at the e-juice available on the market, you will notice that the juices can be divided into several categories. Fruity flavours tend to combine the flavours of berries and other fruits. Creamy flavours rely on milk-based flavours to create that thick feel when vaporised. There are also flavours based on baked goods, desserts, and even tobacco.

You can actually try different flavours within the same palette category without doing a complete rinse-and-reassemble of the tank. Since the flavours are relatively close to each other, you will be able to taste the actual flavour notes after a few puffs. Keep in mind that certain flavours are strong enough to leave a taste even after you’ve washed the tank or replaced the e-liquid you use.

A Quick Rise

Another way you can replace the flavour in your tank is by rinsing the tank first. This gives you a better, cleaner flavour and lets you taste the real notes of the new e-liquid without contamination from the previous one.

With most tanks, doing a quick rinse is actually very simple. You just have to disassemble the tank and run the parts through running water. You can also place the parts in a bowl of water and put it in a microwave for a few seconds; don’t go over 2 minutes since the heat can damage your tank.

Dry the parts using a paper towel and reassemble. You can replace the pre-built coil after the rinse, or simply use the old coil. Don’t wash the coil; you just need to do a few dry hits to remove any residue from the old liquid.

PG Cleaning

Take a look at the bottle of your e-juice and you will find a PG/VG ratio on the label. PG or Propylene Glycol is a food-grade substance used to create e-juice for vaping. It is a good idea to keep a bottle of unflavoured PG because it can also be used to clean your tank effectively.

PG is very fluid and isn’t as thick as VG. It removes residue from the previous e-juice more effectively than water and it is safe to handle too. For flavours that linger, using PG as a cleaning agent is the best thing to do.

With PG, you can also rinse the coil. Any excess unflavoured PG will be vaporised the next time you use the coil. Just make sure you dry the coil properly before reinstalling the tank.

Of course, you can also use other cleaning agents. Vinegar is great for cleaning the inside of the tank, and baking soda will help bring back that shine to glass. You just have to handle these cleaning solutions with care, especially vinegar since it can leave a strong taste behind.

You should now have a fresh tank ready for a new flavour. Thanks to the 50ml e-liquid bottles and short fills available from online retailers, you can experiment with more flavours and fine-tune your vaping experience to your personal tastes. You can even change flavours regularly now that you know how to clean your tank atomiser properly.

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