There are many different methods to help smokers kick the habit, such as nicotine patches, gum and lozenges.  However, one particular method that is said to have helped a fair few people quit smoking is vaping.  If you have decided to give vaping a try to help you give up the cigarettes, here is a quick guide of what you need to know.

Make the Commitment

It is important to realise that if you choose vaping as your quitting method, you will need to cease smoking entirely.  This is to help prevent a nicotine overdose, which as you may have already experienced, causes nausea, dizziness, headaches and more.  When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine dose stops at the end of the cigarette.  However, a vaporiser provides you with an endless supply making it hard to judge when you have had enough.  Therefore, if you decide to cut down gradually on cigarettes at the same time as vaping, you could be giving your body more nicotine than before.  If you are sure that vaping is the right method for you to quit cigarettes, know that you will need to cut them out completely before you start.

Check the Nicotine Content

All vape juices have varying nicotine contents.  It is important to remember that when you are trying to quit smoking, starting off on a higher nicotine content and then slowly working your way down to a lower level is a great way to kick the habit.

One of the first things you need to look at when you are picking a vape juice is what nicotine strength it has, and there are four different types of vape juice when it comes to nicotine content:

  • Nicotine Free: 0mg for non-smokers
  • Low: 6mg or less, for light smokers (half a pack per day or less)
  • Medium: 9mg – 16mg, recommended for the average smoker (around one pack per day)
  • High: 18mg – 36mg, for heavy or chain smokers (more than one pack per day)

Choosing the right nicotine content is important for your health. If you don’t smoke, then it’s going to be very unhealthy if you start using a vape juice which has nicotine in it, and it is in the best interests of your health to choose a vape juice with low or no nicotine.

There are Different Flavours of ‘Vape’ to Choose From

When it comes to choosing a vape juice, you have a lot of choice in terms of all the vape stores, flavours and manufacturers available. This is the result of the popularity growth vaping has enjoyed over the last couple of years and it is now something that hundreds of millions of people participate in worldwide. Whilst some people do vape to stop smoking, others do it to participate in the culture and games that surround vaping.

Not only that, but vaping can taste good too, with thousands of flavours and interesting concoctions available on the market throughout the world. Picking a vape juice is easier said than done, however, and it can be quite a hard task when you are just starting out. With thousands of vape-related companies and manufacturers all producing their own flavours, you’ll never be able to try all those that exist, and figuring out which vape juices are any good is something that requires some research and testing on your part.

There are a lot of manufacturers of vape juices out there, and some are much better than others. One of the better manufacturers is Grey Haze who is very much leading the way on the vaping scene. This website is a great first stop for anybody who is new to vaping and wants somewhere to get started easily.

Is Vaping “Good” for You?

Whilst vaping is a far better alternative to smoking, it’s still not sure how good it is for your health in the long-term. Research has shown that whilst vapour doesn’t contain the same harsh chemicals as cigarettes do, it can still contain nasty stuff such as heavy metals and products that can cause cancer such as acrolein. This research comes from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control, so it’s not as if the research doesn’t have credibility. In terms of conditions such as diabetes, researchers are still trying to determine whether vaping has an effect on it.

A more recent study has shown that it may not be an effective method long term.  It may also be an idea to research alternative interventions and behavioural therapy to increase the chances that you will successfully quit smoking.

So, if you are a smoker and are thinking of taking up vaping to kick your habits, then by all means give it a try.  Just make sure to take everything we have outlined into consideration before you start.

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