If you’ve ever been vaping and some e-liquid squirts back into your mouth, then you’ve experienced something called spitback. This unfortunate occurrence happens unexpectedly. The e-liquid isn’t dangerous if it gets in your mouth; it’s just a bit nauseating. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep the e-liquid in the tank and out of your mouth.

  1. Use e-liquid with vegetable glycerin

One of the easiest ways to avoid spitback is to use vape juice with more vegetable glycerin (VG). There are plenty of delightful tobacco e-juices and vape juices with plenty of VG, which thickens. The VG is less likely to spit back when compared to propylene glycol (PG).

If you do switch to VG, you might notice that you have to clean the gunk from your vaporizer. VG is more viscous, but it does not have the same flavor intensity as PG. Eventually, you do get used to the difference between the types of e-liquid.

  1. Prep the e-liquid in the tank

Before you begin vaping, you should prep your e-liquid. You can do this in a few ways. First, after you put the liquid in the take, flick the tank to move the liquid into it. Some liquid could come out when you do this, so be prepared to clean up a little mess

The second thing you can do to prep the tank is to clean out the tank before you fill it. When you are ready to refill it, use a small piece of rolled-up paper towel and stick it into the middle of the tank. This will soak up any vape that hasn’t been inhaled. When the vape isn’t inhaled, it will turn back to the liquid and sit in the tank. Since it is very fine, it could easily become spitback.

  1. Engage the vape prior to inhaling

Along with the vape flick, turning on the battery will also help prevent spitback from happening. Fire up the vape, then listen for popping to stop. Once it stops, you should be safe from spitback.

  1. Sip, don’t suck

Your vaping technique can also encourage or discourage spitback. The best way to have spitback happen more often is to take long, deep inhales. With a deep inhale, there is a chance that you can suck e-liquid into your mouth. E-liquid can get into your mouth if you have your vape set to a wide airflow.

If you want to avoid having e-liquid squirt into your mouth, you should inhale with small sips. As a wide airflow can cause spitback, you can reduce the effect by closing off the airflow. This might encourage you to take bigger sips. Instead, be patient with your vaping and enjoy the experience. Don’t rush through it.

  1. Use a pipe screen

By adding a pipe screen to the mouthpiece can keep some e-liquid from spitting back into your mouth. Pipe screens are made of fine mesh, so they will catch enough to prevent you from getting nauseous.


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