The initial choice to take drugs is not always voluntary. However, after continuous use, a person may lose control. Addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain illness characterized by compulsive drug use, despite its effects. This condition is classified as a brain disease because drugs alter the way the brain works as well as its structure. Long-term drug use makes changes in the user’s mind, which makes them unable to control their craving.

Scientific research has proved that MAT Suboxone can manage and treat drug addiction. Medical Assisted Treatment is the use of medication approved by the FDA and counseling and behavioral therapy to treat substance addiction. Below are some things you should know about MAT Suboxone:

1) It Addresses Both the Addiction and the Trigger

With the combination of medication and behavioral therapy, patients get a full recovery. The medication helps to reduce drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, behavioral therapy is the counseling of patients.

Counseling patients helps address the emotional issues that trigger their drug use. Patients in an MAT program get to learn how to overcome the root cause of their emotional problems as well as to stop craving. Medically assisted treatment is highly effective compared to programs that treat each issue independently. A patient can recover from drug dependency on a Suboxone program. It is effective and many people are progressing well.


2) MAT Improves Patient Survival

When a person continuously takes high doses of drugs, stopping them abruptly can lead to heart problems, seizures, and breathing difficulties. Withdrawing from some substances like Xanax and Valium can kill a person. One cannot just decide to stop taking these drugs and survive since the body is used to them. MAT is a less life-threatening way to withdraw from drug use since patients go through detoxification. In addition, patients are prescribed to medication in the right doses that help them manage their addiction.

3) It Improves Birth Outcomes Among Women With Drug Dependency

Women commonly abuse substances like alcohol and cigarettes. Women with substance abuse disorders have fertility problems. They may find it had to conceive or have pregnancy issues. Through MAT, women suffering from this chronic disease became sober. Sobriety also helps women have a safe pregnancy and give birth to healthy children.

4) Through Counselling, Patients Learn Healthy Behavior

Drug usage can change a person’s way of life. They cannot control the decisions they make nor what they do. Drug use has led to reckless behavior, school dropout, poor performance at work, and even criminal behavior. Behavioral therapy helps to mend some of the habits patient picked up when they were high. They are taught how to repair broken relationships and negative behaviors. They also learn how to better manage negative emotions like stress and depression.

5) Patients Will Stick To the Recovery Plan

Most drug users relapse because they do not know how to deal with their triggers. In MAT programs, patients learn how to recognize and avoid drug triggers. Knowing how to prevent craving helps them avoid drug relapse.

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