The story of the world is not limited to 300 random facts. This planet has tons of unique traits, exceptional mysteries, and strange places. While there are considerably 7 Wonders of the World, there are still more beautiful odd places in the world that should’ve made it to the Wonders of the World cut.

Crooked Forest of Poland

The Crooked Forest of Poland is an odd forest filled with trees that bends in the same pattern. There are many theories and assumed explanations as to why the trees in the said forest are crooked in a certain way.

Some say it’s because of gravity, others blame the foresters, and some people state its witchcraft. Nevertheless, the Crooked Forest of Poland still looks interestingly majestic regardless of the reason behind the crookedness of the trees.

Indian Temples

From over 300 random facts of India, one of the unique cultural facts that they have is about their temples. Indian temples are stunning and colorful and contain copper plates to absorb positive energy from the earth.

They believe that having to draw positive energy from earth would allow the great Vishnu to bless them. The largest Hindu temple in the country is the Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple.

Rainbow Mountain in Peru

When talking about the colors of the world, the mysterious rainbow mountain of Peru is a must told. When the ice melted in the Vinicunca Mountain, it revealed its dazzling natural colors.

According to science, the image of the mountain was due to weathering and sedimentary deposits across time. At present, the Rainbow Mountain has red, gold, lavender, and turquoise hues mixing up with each other creating a rainbow effect.

The Five Color River of Colombia

If the Rainbow Mountain is a thing, the Liquid Rainbow in Colombia is also another wonder to witness. The Caño Cristales is home to 5 flowing colors in the river bed – or so people thought. The river projects five colors that range from Green, Pink, Red, Purple, and Brown, which are confirmed to be due to the existence of an aquatic plant, the Macarenia Clavigera.

The plant changes colors depending on how much sun exposure it accumulates. The color then turns from green to brown, depending on its developing stage. Nevertheless, the color of the river is amusing enough to make it look like a rainbow in liquid form.

The Eye of Sahara

Any desert can hold up to 300 random facts about them, but nothing beats the randomness of the Eye of Sahara of Mauritania. The Eye of Sahara or Richat Structure, as it is commonly known, holds so much mysteries around it that some people suspect it as a landmark of Alien Spaceship. But according to geologists, it is actually a ruin of a 100 million years old dome – or is it?


The world holds so many wonders in it that the planet itself is a piece of wondering object. How can a planet live a habitable life in the middle of total nothingness? Or is it total nothingness?

From mysterious landforms to surprising colors popping out of nowhere, this planet is filled with surprises. With this fact at hand, it is reasonable for us to hold it precious and take care of it with all our lives.

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