It was more than a century ago that the world was affected by a similar tragedy when the Spanish Flu rocked the world. The novel coronavirus, also referred to as Covid-19, has brought the entire world to a halt. And the UK has not remained untouched by its menace and horror. With tens of thousands getting hospitalised in the country and over a thousand losing their lives, the NHS England medical director claims that the situation will be well-off if the UK could keep the death figures below 20,000.

Patchion Comes to the Aid

At a time when hospitals are seeing the patient numbers rising to unprecedented numbers, the country is running short of medical clothing, surgical overalls, and all kinds of PPE accessories. Many manufacturers worldwide are beginning to make medical equipment and accessories and Patchion has taken the crucial decision of manufacturing medical clothing to meet the ever-growing needs in hospitals around the country.

Patchion LTD, the embroidery manufacturer from the UK, specialises in making custom embroidered patches and other embroidery products. The management has decided to focus its manufacturing capabilities to produce different kinds of resources within its capacity to meet the unprecedented demand for medical clothing and accessories in UK hospitals. This includes the production of hospital clothing, medical aprons, surgical overalls, surgical gowns, and more.

The company will be leveraging its vast textile manufacturing capacity to ease the pressure on traditional manufacturers and importers.

Patchion’s Capabilities & Selfless Employees

Patchion’s computer embroidery machines and industrial sewing machines have been proven for their efficiency and speed. Now the company will be using these capabilities to meet the fast-growing demands for medical clothing in hospitals across the UK. The manufacturing facilities will be operating at full capacity, as the dedicated and selfless employees have all made their services available at this time of dire needs.

The company management has ensured that each employee follows the policy of social distancing and creating a contagion-preventing environment when delivering their services for this cause. The company has also taken adequate measures in this regard.

Adapting to the Changing Times

The United Kingdom, similar to most other countries affected by Covid-19, is facing a growing shortage of face masks. Patchion’s team has taken lots of pain to adapt the company’s production capabilities to produce a wide range of medical clothing and supplies. The management has also planned to initiate the production of face masks within a short period of time.

Medical grade face masks have been recognised as critical PPE components for preventing and fighting the coronavirus. The company is currently in the process of applying for the appropriate medical certificates and approvals before beginning production.

In addition to these medical clothing, Patchion will also be making cotton streetwear type of masks to be worn by the public. These masks are available on the company’s website along with the standard embroidery, emblems, and other products. The management has announced that the company will continue to take orders for custom embroidered patches. The orders for standard product line will be dispatched within 10 business days after confirmation of the design.

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