Traveling to a different nation is exciting, but it comes with its unique challenges. The moment you receive your Kenya e-visa and passport, you should start preparing for some culture shock. Every traveler visiting a different area experiences this challenge. It can happen regardless of how much you love the place you desire to visit. To most people, it causes disorientation, unfamiliarity, confusion and the lack of confidence.

We all have different lifestyles which make us unique. This is the reason why you may find everything entirely different from what you are used to when you travel to another country. How you handle it, however, is what determines how well you will cope with the new conditions of the area. The following will help you adapt well and get past culture shock.

Understand that it is normal

Culture shock does not symbolize that there is something wrong with people. If you accept and understand that this is a normal phase that you have to go through, you can create the best memories from your traveling experience. It can even make your journey more interesting and colorful. The differences in cultures are what eliminates boredom in the world, and an adventure cannot be comfortable all through.


Research different aspects of the new culture as you find ways of coping easily with people. Identify how the new culture is different from yours and jot down the differences so that you can remember them easily. Books and online sources can teach you a lot about different communities all over the world.

Find your space

You should always leave room to personalize your space even if you plan to travel light. Bring along something that can remind you of home or make you more comfortable when you experience culture shock. When you feel overwhelmed by things around you, create a little sanctuary for yourself in your hotel room. You can bring your favorite pillow or a framed picture of a loved one to get you through tough times.


The purpose of traveling is to explore and discover what the world has to offer. Therefore, take your time and wander around a foreign city as you learn different things. Use your camera to capture new views that are hard to find back home.

Try riding a bus instead of relying on personal means so that you can know the difference. Dedicate every day to visit a different area even if you are not very familiar with the different streets. You can always ask around from friendly locals. Your exploration may help you discover a great photo a new hangout.

Live in the moment

Some people experience culture shock out of dwelling on what they have left behind back at home. If you are feeling homesick on long-term travel, you should try to live in the moment and avoid over-thinking about home. Mingle with other people so that you don’t keep on obsessing about things beyond your control.

Remain open minded

An open mind is a sure way of overcoming culture shock easily. When you get an invitation to a traditional festival by the locals, learn to say yes. Embrace different traveling experiences that come your way. Try eating some weird food, and maybe you may like it.

Experience new things without holding back as you discover new cultures. When you are open to learning, you understand different ways of doing things and become more knowledgeable. You should also try to see the reason behind some behaviors and analyze them so that you don’t find them weird anymore.

Be careful not to accept unsafe things and do not let anyone exploit you. As you come across different situations, create a sense of humor and remain polite to strangers to keep yourself safe. Learn to smile more than frown even in situations when you may not comprehend what the locals are conveying.

Get a project

Get something that you can work on when you are in a different country. For instance, you can learn how to cook a different meal or teach yourself a local language. You can even learn new lyrics from a local song or try steps to the traditional dance. Practice the new skill until you can master it well. You will no longer be thinking about not being able to adapt and therefore can eliminate worries.

Find out what you love

Traveling is also about self-discovery. Engaging in different activities can help you find a new passion. Use the chance to identify what you love. It can be a particular activity or even a good spot. Do you like wandering in a park or hiking in the hills? During tough moments when culture shock is overwhelming, try to engage in that particular thing you enjoy doing. This can help you focus on the good and distract your mind from challenges.

Take it easy

Remember that overcoming culture shock is a process that may take more than a day. If you are trying to teach yourself a local language, go easy on it and don’t despair when you feel like it is too hard to communicate. You may not understand everything instantly, but with time and perseverance, you will soon become an expert. If you get embarrassed out of not knowing the etiquette, do not dwell on it. Stay optimistic about learning much more by the end of your trip.

Be friendly to everyone

Other travelers are probably going through the same culture shock as you are. They can help you feel that you are not alone in this and encourage you when things are not working as expected. They can also make you feel closer to home. You should also find local friends who can help you understand their way of living. Local friends in another country are a great help to travelers, therefore, utilize them well.

Final thoughts

Culture shock is a passing phase that you should be aware of. It only needs some compassion, flexibility, and open-mindedness for you to overcome it. At the end of your journey, it is those differences that make the best traveling experiences. All the best!

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