Online shopping can be a great way to save both time and money. Picking up deals from the comfort of your own home has become one of the most popular ways to shop, but many people are unaware of the hints and tricks that can be used to save money online. Take a look at some of the best ways to grab the best deal during your online shopping spree.

Get advance knowledge of sales

One of the main benefits of shipping online is that you never have to fight your way through the sales. One of the best ways to get insider knowledge about the start of sales is to sign up to the website’s newsletter. Email newsletters are often the first place a brand will release information about upcoming sales, such as the date they are going to start and the kinds of discounts that may be expected.

Visit discount code sites

Voucher or discount code sites are a great way to save money. Most online stores run promotions that offer discounts from 5% to 30% off, free shipping, buy one get one free, and more. Discount code sites collect the best vouchers from all over the web, handily stored in one place so that you can simply copy and paste them at the checkout. Many discount code websites also have a rating system, so that other users can vote on whether the codes work or not, such as at Plus Voucher Code. The cited website is a portal that collects promotions and discount codes from over 1000 stores, and give you the opportunity of giving your feedback about the usability and convenience of the offers you found. Another excellent voucher site is voucheralarm.

Join a loyalty club

Loyalty clubs are a must for savvy shoppers. Many companies have loyalty programs that you can join up to for free. Loyalty clubs offer a variety of benefits that will help you to save money on your shop, from points schemes to reduced shipping costs. Much like a store card, you can earn points as you shop that will be converted into gift cards and vouchers. Some retailers will also offer double or triple points days, as well as extra treats on your birthday. Plus, you’ll often get advance access to sales before other customers.

Qualify for free shipping or pick up in store

Delivery costs can be one of the biggest downsides to online shopping, with many sites charging large fees for even economy delivery. However, it’s easy to side-step these fees by making sure you spend over the free shipping threshold- for many websites, this will be around £40-£50. Make sure they do free returns, and it’s simple to send back anything you don’t want or need. Another option is to pick up in store for free, as you can have access to all the online savings and discounts without needing to pay for delivery.

Store things in your basket

If you know what you want but are in no rush to buy it, then keep your item in your basket for a week or two. If it goes into the sale or becomes part of any promotion, then you’ll see the reduced price- just make sure to check it regularly. This trick also works when you add things to a wishlist.

It’s simple and easy to save money while online shopping, so grab a bargain today!


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