Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, work life balance is something that is often sacrificed.

For one reason or another it is something that many people neglect, forget or simply just don’t care about, however achieving a balance between your work and personal life is vital and because of its importance it is rightly discussed regularly in regards to how it can be improved and the knock on effect it can have on a workers overall health.

But why stop at the notion of work/life balance? In a recent interview with Business Insider Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos shared his views on the concept of work/life balance. Bezos takes a slightly different approach, his view is that it should be called work/life harmony instead. According to Bezos the term balance implies that a strict trade-off happens, which shouldn’t be the case at all.

Bezos is arguably one of the most successful CEOs on the planet, Amazon is growing from strength to strength and he is definitely a good role model to look up to. Bezos makes time in his daily schedule to eat breakfast with his family, he only schedules a limited amount of meetings to ensure quality and he even chooses to do his own dishes like a regular citizen.

Bezos refers to work/life harmony in the shape of a circle where all of the moving parts work together. His thoughts about work/life balance might be a little different to the norm, but the main idea at the end of the day remains the same. Let’s take a look at some aspects of modern businesses that encourages greater work work/life balance.

Moderns businesses encourage employees that work from home or that have a steady 9 to 5 job to set work hours for themselves. Meaning that once your workday is over you should switch off your work email or phone until the next day or until after the weekend.

Modern businesses also aim to have a fun and engaging office space, startup companies in particular are known for having video games, ping pong and other games setup in the office that encourages employees to interact outside of their respective work stations.

Some companies allow employees to bring their pets to work, this definitely adds an element of fun and happiness to any office and Jenny Nolan, founder of Cleaner Paws believes the impact this can have on mental health as well as productivity is definitely worth it “We’re hearing more and more about how workplaces are becoming pet friendly zones, the ability to switch off from a screen for just  a few minutes to pet and play with a furry friend is invaluable”.

A fun and engaging workspace encourages work/life balance but at the end of the day good management is what encourages this “harmony” as referred to by Bezos. Fun toys in the office are great, but getting the afternoon off to spend at home with family and friends is also needed to complete the circle according to Bezos.

For moderns day execs it can often be hard to realise that keeping it simple is the best way to achieve work/life balance.

Allow employees to engage with each other, give them time to spend with family and friends, but most importantly, find out what each person’s likes, find out what they love to do and give them the opportunity to do that as often as possible, in many cases, as businesses are discovering is this can be meditation which also has the added benefit of improving productivity.

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