We all know that life is not eternal, and we will all eventually meet our end. This is exactly why you need life insurance. It’s not only important for you, it is crucial in protecting your family after your death. While you may not be able to control whether you die, you do have control over some factors that influence how long you will live. Making health conscious decisions while you are young will help preserve your health in the future. A healthier life also has an impact on how much you will pay for life insurance.

What Do Health Insurance Companies Consider Healthy?

In a process called underwriting, life insurance companies determine rates. This process calculates the overall risk a person poses to the insurance company. The main factor influencing insurance provider decisions is health.

Important Health Factors

There are many factors that determine a person’s overall health. When trying to determine risk an insurance company will take into account a person’s age, gender, weight, medical history, family history, whether they are a smoker and their lifestyle.

Weight is a key factor because there are diseases such as diabetes and heart issues that are associated with people who are overweight. If you want quality life insurance it is important that you stick to a healthy diet and maintain your weight.

Women experience lower life insurance rates because they generally live longer than men.

If you have a career that threatens your life or your health you are considered a high risk individual and can expect to have higher rates. Some jobs include police officer, firefighter, soldier and pilot.

Your lifestyle can also be a deciding factor in how much you will be paying for life insurance. If you are an adrenaline junkie who lives for skydiving and hand-gliding you will be considered a high risk individual. As such you will be paying more for your life insurance premium.

Life insurance rates for smokes can be up to five times more than the rates of a non-smoker. This is because if the illnesses and diseases associated with smoking. Smoking is a major risk to your life that insurance companies do not want to gamble on. If you plan on quitting, you do have the option to have your health reevaluated in order to reduce the costs of your premium.

If you don’t have life insurance already, then now is the time to look into it. Purchasing life insurance early on will help you find an affordable plan while you are still young and healthy. Insurance companies are always competing with one another. Depending on where you look will depend on the quotes you get, so start your search now to and find cheaper life insurance plans online.

Conditions that Affect Insurance Premium Costs

Existing medical conditions will affect how much you pay for life insurance. Pre Existing medical conditions such as sleep apnea, diabetes, asthma and mental health have an impact on how much you will pay to be insured.

Just because you suffer from an existing health condition does not mean that you won’t be able to get life insurance. However, it will greatly affect how much you pay for it.

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