The times we now find ourselves in are like no other; complete countrywide lockdown, limited time outside and unable to socialise with our family and friends. But, while these times can be difficult for many, there are plenty of things you can be doing to keep yourself busy.

Most important of all is to maintain a routine of some kind. If you’re working from home this could mean still getting up at your normal workday time, having a shower, eating your breakfast and maybe even doing a spot of yoga to get you going! If you’re furloughed or not working for the time being, it’s still important to get up, dressed and ready for the day – even if you’re not heading anywhere!

By simply keeping to a routine you can prevent boredom and give your mental health the boost it may need right now. But, what else can you do?

For your mind

Take some time in your new daily routine to practise self-care or mindfulness. Whether you meditate or do a virtual yoga class, have a relaxing bath or do your nails, caring for yourself is incredibly important.

You could also use this time to keep in contact with your loved ones. By using tools such as Zoom, Skype or Teams you can call or video chat with multiple people, meaning that family group chats are only a click of a button away.

For your body

With gyms and fitness establishments closed for now, many have taken their classes and other offerings online instead. Think virtual Pilates from your living room, a full body HIIT class from your back garden or a guided meditation from your bedroom floor. With only a handful of things you won’t be able to do, such as spin classes, exercise from any room and take full advantage of all the free content available.

For the home

Instead of aiming for a full-blown clear-out, what with many of the recycling centres and charity shops closed, why not use the time to reorganise your cupboards and shelves? You might even be surprised at what you have lying around!

Once you’ve finished your tidy-up, you could see where in your home might need a lick of paint. If you have the colours you need at home, now is a great time to get this done. But, if you don’t have what you need, why not see if there are any odd jobs that need doing – the ones we all seem to put off for a rainy day!

For your future

Now is as good a time as any to map out your future. Whether this means brushing up on your skills by taking an online course or two, or researching how you could turn your hobby into a viable business, you may have more time on your hands now than in a few months’ time. If you’re investing in a new skill or course, make sure you have the budget to do so as not all of them are free. If you decide to put it on a credit card, ensure that you pay it off in full to avoid paying interest.

No matter how you plan on using your time in the current climate, now more than ever it’s incredibly important to keep yourself busy. Whether you decide to catch up on shows you have missed, spend more time on your hobby or start a business, use this precious time to your advantage.

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