Medical malpractice is a legal cause of action that occurs when a medical or healthcare professional through a negligent act of omission causes an injury to a patient. These acts of negligence can be as a result of errors in diagnosis, treatment aftercare of health management. For instance, you must have heard of cases where a doctor caused a lifelong medical issue to a newborn. This is just one case of medical malpractice. Let us tell you more about the types of medical malpractices that you ought to know.

Birth injuries

A birth injury is an injury that may occur when a baby or mother is injured or killed as a result of the health provider’s negligence. These injuries might cause a child to suffer permanent or long term injuries like cerebral palsy, broken bones damage, or brachial palsy. Common errors in birth injuries include:

  • Using medical aid incorrectly in the delivery process
  • Failing to perform an emergency C-section when needed
  • Not responding to fetal distress or discomfort
  • Failing to note the position of the umbilical cord

It is recommended that you closely monitor your child development closely, especially if there is an injury at birth. You should also collect any evidence on the injury, and then take legal action fast.

Medical product liability

Although there are regulations on medical product safety and efficacy, cases of defective products, medicine, and equipment exist. There are instances where manufacturers fail to check for defects before launching or rolling out a product hence causing harm to the patients. In such a case, patients can sue manufacturers under defective design, defective manufacturing, or defective warning claims. To get the right compensation for this type of claim, you will need to involve a skilled lawyer.

Surgical errors

Surgical errors are the most common type of medical malpractice, with a great percentage of wrongful death lawsuits emanating from this. Although surgeries carry a risk component, some surgical errors can be avoided. Unexpected death cases or injuries from surgical operations include; cutting the wrong location, operating on the wrong body part, living a sponge or an instrument inside a body, making an anesthesia error, or perforating an organ and failing to repair it. These are some of the surgical errors that warrant a lawsuit.

Medication errors

There are instances where medical professions prescribe or administer medicine that is incorrect or unauthorized. Medication errors also involve omission, wrong administration, dispensing the medication at the wrong time, extra dose, or the wrong rate. This type of error can result in damages that can have a long life impact.

Misdiagnosis or Delayed diagnosis

Misdiagnosis occurs when a patient is diagnosed with a wrong medical condition. Think of what happens when you are diagnosed and start receiving treatment for the wrong condition? Misdiagnosis is a dangerous medical malpractice that can worsen the actual condition or result in death. On the other hand, delayed diagnosis is when a health care provider fails to recognize the symptoms of the patient until a later date resulting in late diagnosis.

Final thoughts

There are other types of medical errors, including not receiving coordinated care or being offered unnecessary treatment. Sadly, medical errors can lead to permanent damage or death. While you might not reverse everything, taking legal action is the only justifiable and worthwhile action against the perpetrators.

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