While society and the media often associate feelings of insecurity with women there is such a thing as insecure men. In fact, men also struggle with issues such as depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia with roughly .3% of men experiencing anorexia and .5% of men experiencing bulimia.

This is not the only area where men experience doubt and insecurity. Read on to learn more about the most common insecurities men face on a daily basis.

Body Image

The dilemma of body image is often addressed on how the media portrays high standards for women. However, men are also exposed to these endless unrealistic images.

Look at any men’s health magazine and you’ll find shirtless men with six-pack abs setting the bar for the average Joe.

However, most real guys tend not to fit into this physique, resulting in added pressure to look a certain way.

Often this insecurity manifests itself in eating disorders or the use of muscle enhancements such as steroids.

Face and Body Hair

While facial hair is often something to brag about in a man’s teen years, over time an overwhelming amount of hair or lack of hair can become a major source of insecurity.

In some cases, men experience rapid growth of hair in areas such as their back or chest that can be difficult to stay on top of and can create a look that they feel is unattractive to women.

On the flip side young men tend to struggle with the inability to grow facial hair thus feeling that they don’t look masculine enough.

Finally, there’s the ongoing struggle with male pattern baldness that leads to treatment such as electric follicle stimulation or hair plugs.

Hands and Feet

You know what they say about men with big hands. Unfortunately, this old adage has become a major source of men’s insecurities. It has become a major point of criticism from men with hands or feet that are too small or feminine like.

Just look at celebrities like Donald Trump or Cee Lo Green who were often ridiculed for the size of their hands.

The fact is, anything that is associated with having female-like features is a major source of insecurity for men in their ongoing pursuit to own their masculinity.

Teeth and Smile

You may be surprised to find that men are often just as critical about their smile as women are.

In fact, many men turn towards teeth whitening products or laser surgery to enhance the look of their pearly whites.


Terms such as the provider or the man of the house have become a major source of financial insecurity among men. From a young age, men are groomed to believe that they are responsible for the sole financial health of their household.

While times have changed and there are much more women in the workplace, there is still a stark comparison between a woman’s choice to be a stay-at-home mom and a man’s choice to be a stay-at-home father.

There is also rising insecurity surrounding the amount of money a man makes, as well as his role and title. Often the man’s position will serve as his identity which can lead to low self-esteem and self-doubt.

His Car and His Home

Similar to a man’s financial health, a man’s car and home is often a reflection of his level of success in life.

In addition to the bragging rights that come with a high-end car, you’ll also find that men tend to choose cars that they feel reflect their personality.

For example, a man may feel more masculine driving a Toyota truck than the Prius.

The same goes for a man’s home. Most men hold the dream of living in the ultimate bachelor pad and once they have established their own family being able to afford a home that more than fulfills their family’s need for comfort.

Size Does Matter

One of the most talked about and critiqued areas of a man’s physique are easily the size of his penis. Look at any comedy show or standup comedian and you’ll find there’s no shortage of small penis jokes.

However, these comments play a substantial role in the man’s identity and his feelings of value. Which is why so many men tend to look into girth surgery cost and other penis enlargement methods.

Sexual Performance

In addition to what they have to work with men are also insecure about how well they work with it. The overwhelming rise in pornography popularity could be to blame in men believing that women must experience nonstop orgasms through every sexual encounter.

However, a woman’s ability to orgasm typically has more to do with her own biological setup than a man’s performance.

Not knowing this simple fact can result in a man feeling dramatically insecure about his performance or ability to please his partner.

There is also a stigma surrounding the number of sexual partners a man has in his lifetime. These two areas combined can easily cause a man to doubt his own masculinity and presence.

Insights for the Everyday Man

Both confident and insecure men crave the feeling of being in the know. Which is why having access to great resources is key to a fulfilling and happy life. The more you know the more you are able to grow in areas where you’re feeling the most insecure.

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