Nowadays, people are relying too much on pills, and whenever they feel a little bit ill, they take previously prescribed medications. Not to mention that painkillers are abundant in any household and even children ingest them regularly. Sometimes, the pain is unbearable so you want it to stop no matter what the price is, and no one can blame you. However, it is better to try out natural remedies before being on pain medication for the rest of your life. Some people are skeptical and doubt any new treatment options. But according to Joanne Gribler, PT, DPT, CMTPT, different forms of physical therapy can improve your quality of life by treating mental and physical conditions. Acupuncture is one of the most recommended treatments in this vein. 

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has become popular in the west after being practiced for many years in Asia. It is the science of using very thin needles to alleviate symptoms and side effects of certain treatments, such as chemotherapy. In the past, physiatrics used sharpened stones and inserted them into the muscles. Thankfully, that method is no longer being used and you barely feel any pressure during the session. It is not used as the first line of treatment because it doesn’t cure the disease, rather it reduces the accompanying symptoms. It gives the body the strength to heal itself and speeds up recovery. Moreover, it has a synergistic effect when given with antidepressants in treatment of various mental illnesses.

Mechanism of Action

The Chinese believed the body and spirit needed to be chemically balanced and in harmony with their surroundings. The Yin and Yang concept can be applied here; the two elements of life must exist in equal amounts for the person to be pain-free. So, when multiple needles puncture different muscles’ points at the same time, your inner energy flow goes back to normal. On the other hand, when toxins are released, you may feel pain according to how bad your injury is. 

Upon insertion, you can barely feel any stinging. Multiple clinics in Washington are now implementing acupuncture in their treatment plans. It is widely known there, and when it comes to Dry Needling DC therapist JOANNE GRIBLER, PT, DPT, CMTPT claims that it is an effective treatment when it comes to overcoming physical and mental pain alike. The stainless steel needle is what is needed to produce endorphins, which are natural painkillers. Your body may stop releasing them because it gets used to external supplies. But if you started going to these sessions regularly, you will regain your lost ability.

Needles are not the only factor here but the acupuncturist provides relaxation by turning on comforting music, talking to you in a deep voice, and giving you positive energy with their words. They may also give you tips on how to become healthier by suggesting a diet and recommending some exercises.

Preventive and Supporting Treatment

You don’t have to be sick to go for acupuncture. It is used as a preventive measure for people who are at high risk of cardiovascular diseases. It regulates blood pressure, allows for better circulation, and reduces stress, which is the leading cause of heart attacks. Also, if you have a slow metabolic rate and keep gaining weight because of it, dry needling boosts metabolism to keep you fit and healthy.

Infertility can be devastating for people who are desperate for a child. Surgeries are expensive and may be above your budget. Some medication can fix the issue but sometimes they are not strong enough. Doctors may recommend borrowing the Chinese method to increase the odds of having a baby by enhancing the function of the reproductive organs. Furthermore, it can aid in adjusting the position of the fetus inside the uterus. 

Some people suffer from gastrointestinal disturbance and cut down different kinds of food, hoping that the discomfort would go away. Dry needling helps in that case as it balances the faulty energetic field within our digestive system allowing it to function better. 

You can never know if you are allergic to dust, food, or nuts unless you get exposed to them. Some allergens you can steer clear from while others are unavoidable. That’s where acupuncture swoops in and boosts your immune system to help it fight off any infections. It reduces the severity of the symptoms when you get exposed to the allergen.

Doubt and confusion can prevent you from trying any foreign method, even if you were told that it will help you. However, there is nothing to lose by trying acupuncture. It has been proved to work and gives marvelous results. Your inner struggle is the only thing standing between you and your road to recovery. 

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