It can be so easy to neglect yourself when you’re busy at work – especially mentally. Life is tough, and when you’re stressed with work it can be tougher than ever. It can be easy to put too much pressure on ourselves, and to carry our work worries into our personal lives too – but it’s not good for us as people, and it’s not good for our minds either. Taking care of your mental health in the workplace is crucially important because it not only effects your work performance, but more importantly your quality of life too. Here are some of the ways you can make sure you’re looking after your mental wellbeing whilst at work, and why it’s so important.

Find Someone Who You Can Talk to

It doesn’t matter if you work for a company that provides people with this service of quick house sales, or whether you’re flogging mascara on a well-known make-up counter. Finding someone who you can talk to about your worries at work is crucially important for your mental health.

It really doesn’t matter what sort of job you’re doing, because literally everything can get stressful at times. Having someone to talk to means you can offload how you’re feeling, and will help you to figure it out yourself. Feelings can be confusing until they’re said out loud, sometimes.

However although talking things through is one of the most effective ways of taking care of yourself, it’s also one of the most difficult. It can be so easy to sit here and say “go and find someone to talk to” if it’s not you who’s in that situation – but trust us, and the old expression, when we say that a problem shared is a problem halved. It might not solve everything, but it will at least take some of the weight off your shoulders and help you on the way.

Stay Active

It can be so easy to neglect exercise when you’re working for long hours, but it’s important that you find the time to do it.

Now, exercise doesn’t have to mean bodybuilding at the gym or going for marathon-length runs. It can be anything you enjoy doing! You could join a yoga class, walk your dog in the fresh air, or even try something different like Zumba or dance lessons. The exercise doesn’t have to take any longer than half an hour for it to have an impact.

Of course, exercise is great for your body and overall health, but also remember that a healthy body, makes for a healthy mind. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and it also releases endorphins into your body which boosts not only happiness, but productivity too. You’ll be surprised at how much better you can feel for putting aside time out of your day to get your heartbeat raised!

Eat Well

Have you ever heard anyone say, you are what you eat? We’re full of the expressions today, but a lot of the time, they hold a lot of truth!

Getting the right balance of nutrients is vitally important for your wellbeing, and will help you to feel better mentally too. The easier your body functions, the better your mind functions. In some cultures, the gut is actually referred to as the “second brain”. This is because the functionality of the digestive system is integral to the overall functionality of the body itself. Therefore if the digestive system isn’t working smoothly, the rest of the body is likely to follow suit. Eating well is what leads to a healthy digestive system, so doing this will lead to better overall health, including mental health.

Know When to Take a Break

Last of all, but certainly not least, know when you need to take a break.

Exercising your right to say “no” is so, so important for your own wellbeing. When you know you’ve had enough or done too much, say no. You don’t technically owe anything to anyone, so put yourself first. You’d be surprised at how much better you’ll feel for it.

Likewise, remember to take breaks! Enjoy your lunch break, go for a walk, and drink your favourite hot beverage on a cold day. If you have holidays left, take them! Overworking is one of the leading factors in cause for feeling stressed, and the decline of mental health. No one is saying a break can cure all ailments – or that any of these things can – but it’s a good place to start. Look after yourself, always.

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