Mental health is an ongoing crisis across the world. As we continue to learn more and more about certain illnesses and how they affect an individual’s livelihood, many also seek different ways of treatment.

In England alone, roughly one in four will face mental health problems per year. When it comes to anxiety, depression and other common mental health illnesses, one in 6 are likely to experience symptoms in a week.

How can we overcome this crisis, so those affected by a mental health illness no longer have to live with the sometimes-crippling symptoms?

One method that some claim has helped them is using CBD oil.

CBD oil comes from cannabis plants (think marijuana and hemp plants) that contain little to no traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol – what gives someone the high from using marijuana). Simply put, you won’t get the effects from smoking a joint when using CBD oil.

Before diving in and using CBD oil, make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable source to ensure minuscule amounts of THC. Companies like Full Spectrum CBD Oil provides oils that contain less than 0.3% THC by volume.

So, how could CBD oil potentially help your mental health?

Interaction with Serotonin in the Brain

You’ve likely heard of something called the happy chemical – the chemical your brain produces that plays a prevalent role in the human body and your happiness. It is this chemical that can keep you in a good, light mood. However, having low serotonin levels could be a cause of depression.

Recent research found that CBD oil could mimic the serotonin chemical in your brain. The oil works with serotonin receptors, which could lead to an increase in your mood. That is why more and more suffering from depression and anxiety are looking at CBD oil as a way of treatment.

Relief of Pain

If you’ve ever experienced long-term pain, you know how much that can affect your mental health. Living in constant pain can reduce your quality of life, which ultimately could negatively impact your mental wellbeing.

CBD oil was found to provide relief in those with arthritis pain. Research showed the potential decrease of inflammation, which can cause physical pain in the body. Additional research found that those taking CBD oil don’t build up a tolerance to the oil, unlike other pain medication.

Aid in a Better Sleep

Other studies found that taking CBD oil could help those suffering from insomnia.

Having little to no sleep night after night takes its toll on not just your mental health, but your physical health as well. We all need sleep to function the next day. So, if you’re barely sleeping, you’ll likely be dragging the next day.

Although more research is still needed when talking about CBD oil and the positive effects on the body, what we have so far does show promising results.

Does this mean that only using CBD oil could treat depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses? Not necessarily. However, it could be worth looking at to see if it suits your current health situation.

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