Dog owners and their furry friends are prone to obesity. If you and your dog spend long hours indoors without indulging in fitness activities, chances are that you end up being unfit. To avoid such a scenario, you must make your Labrador or Beagle your fitness partner.

Today, enthusiastic dog owners keep looking through the list of the best dog food for puppies 2019. However, you need to know that it’s essential to be aware on the best ways to keep fit together with your dog.

You and your dog need to eat healthy to stay fit. Even if you don’t have all the indoors space to exercise, different options and exercises will keep you in shape in a fun way. Here are some:

Running and jogging

Jogging or running around your neighbourhood is one way you and your dog will keep in tiptop shape. Firstly, you need to ensure that your dog is that breed that loves taking laps outside. Some breeds cannot manage the 5-kilometre circuit that you do every day. For others, running is in their genes. You need to use a leash, but there are security and safety reasons you need to be aware of.

Start by running short distances at manageable speeds. Advisably, jog when the temperatures are dog-friendly. Remember to take breaks here and there and avoid hot asphalt or tarmac.

If you don’t want to take the dog for your runs, have them running up and down the stairs. If you live on the fourth floor and you want to avoid obese dogs, make the runs up and down the staircase an everyday thing.


If you love hiking, you can take your dog with you. Not only will you enjoy the adventure but also, your dog will love new environments and scenery. Ensure that you start with short hikes and avoid the harsh trails at the beginning. Make sure you have the right rations and water for your dog if you are exploring further from home.


Swimming is a proven way of keeping fit for human beings. It’s good for dogs too. Even though some breeds hate water, others can’t get enough of it. You can spice the swim with a game of fetch. Ensure that your dog is a versatile swimmer and you can bring a life jacket for it too. Remember, if your furry friend has difficulties getting into the water, take time to teach it how to swim. It won’t take long before your Fido gets the hang of it.


The Treadmill

During the harsh season, don’t let your Rottweiler or Pug laze around. If you have your treadmill, your dog is the perfect exercise partner. All you need to do is to introduce the dog to the treadmill. You can reward it with a treat after every successful run. However, start the dog with slow speeds. Once it’s familiar with the treadmill, you won’t need to coax the dog to get on.

Indulge in dog sports

Other than the occasional walk in the park with your dog, you can opt for many dog sports. You can take part in dog tug of war, hurdling, and others that keep cropping up. Before you take part in dog sports, make sure that the activity is appropriate for your dog’s breed, age and interest. If it’s a new sport, consider training the dog first.

Safety is key

Whereas you want to keep fit with your dog in tow, consider your vet’s advice first. You must follow the dog’s pace instead of dictating the speed or pace. Again, you need to watch the weather. Don’t go hiking or jogging in harsh winter.

Remember to keep an eye out for signs of exhaustion, injury or interest. Taking a break for the usual routine has its advantages. If your dog can’t run or take another round, you need to take a break.

Keeping fit with your dog can be fun and entertaining. Make sure that the exercise environment is safe and distraction-free. As long as you introduce the dog to one fitness regimen at a time, attaining fitness together shouldn’t be a tall order.

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