The modern world is as eclectic as ever before. People, who look like freaks, seem not to possess the personality traits that the similar people possessed two decades ago. A new generation has grown up, and globalization erases the difference between an average teenager from the United States and the other of the same age from, for example, Korea.

It seems that development has broken the countries’ boundaries of the Internet, and people all over the world constitute a unique community now. However, it is also important to note that the study of intercultural communication peculiarities is on the top of popularity. It underlines the difference in worldview and the fact that values are not shared worldwide.

However, there exist some common hobbies for both a teenager from East Europe and a teen from Peru, for example. These are surfing the Internet, watching TV series, and vaping. Surprisingly, vaping has become a type of global culture and people, who vape – vapers unite themselves around this habit. Vape shops are being opened all around the world, and vape communities prosper.

“The secret of happiness is variety…” Daniel Gilbert

One of the most persuasive and compelling arguments in favor of the popularity of vaping is the variety of choices. The best cig-a-likes, the best wax pens by vapingdaily, the best pods, the best mods, the best dab pen, and many others are all available for everyday usage by almost everyone. People can find a perfect match of functions and flavor with vaping.

Cig-a-likes are the most straightforward and most standard vaping devices; they look a bit bigger than a usual cigarette. You can feel some vape juice in a vape tank and enjoy the nicotine or non-nicotine vaping. This type of vaping device is designed for those who want to keep simple vaping, or step into this culture and need some time to adapt either him- or herself.

Mods and pods are the devices of the latest design. They are more potent than cig-a-likes. Also, the user can usually regulate the functional parameters like voltage, wattage, ohms quantity, and so on. These devices also possess higher combinability. One vape mod can have several versatile accessories that help to regulate, for instance, the amount of vapor.

There also exist some other types of vaping devices that can be used for vape juice. The question is in the kind of tank. For example, the wax vape pen is called this way because the tank is geared to use wax, not vape juice. A dry herb vape pen is a vape pen used for vaporizing dried herbs such as valerian, marijuana, lemon mint, or others. Combining the type of tank and the kind of pen, you can get all possible vaping devices.

A wax vaporizer is a vaping device that is designed to be used for special vaping wax. This type is usually listed as one of the best concentrate pens. The main principle is that wax is melted down in a tank and then vaporized through the unique mouthpiece. The process, as you see, is the same as with vape liquids, the only peculiarity is the scorching temperature and steel used to protect people from burning their fingers.

A dab vape pen is a device used only for dabs consumption. Dab is a concentrate of THC, which can affect a person more than usual marijuana vaporizing. The user gets high sooner, and the effect is more potent. Dab pen works in a similar way to other vaping devices: a coil melts a particular dab onto a wick, and after the bit being absorbed, it is transformed into vapor using heating. Though the principle of work is similar, the substance used differs.

“Only through communication can human life hold meaning” Paulo Freire

Both now and always, word of mouth marketing has been the most effective engine of sales. People all over the world have the same peculiarity: they trust more to personal experience of people they know than to any official claims, no matter which of two is more objective. The popularity of vaping is contingent on this principle as well.

As mentioned before, vaping has become a kind of culture in all its manifestations. Firstly, there exist individual vape shops that consolidate vapers of a specific district, town, or city. People can meet each other over there and share the personal experience, especially if the shop also has a special place (like a vaping café) for interaction between the customers.

Secondly, a number of an online community for vapers grows. People either find a separate online platform like blogs and forums for communication with those who share their interests and preferences, or use the familiar one like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. You can find a group and pages of those who are totally in vaping and spreads useful information.

Thirdly, vapers can simply download a special app for their smartphones, where they can organize a discussion, find the information about harms and benefits of vaping, try to create or get a new recipe for a vaping juice, look for a legal marijuana sales point and many more. Some of the apps are rather informational, whereas others are oriented on communication between users.

Overall, people treat vaping as entertainment, not as a real possible danger. It results in high popularity and the spread of the habit. Online communities and the physical places make vaping a particular culture, and people are not only physically addicted to nicotine or cannabis, but also they feel attached to the community.

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