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Since its rise to popularity in the mid-twentieth century, Pilates has maintained a high regard within the fitness world; its emphasis on building a strong foundation within the core, and on using this strength to exercise the entire body, has encouraged people of all ages and abilities to integrate it into their fitness routines.

Pilates offers a long list of benefits to those who integrate it into their fitness routines. Here are some of our favourites — in case you still needed a reason to give it a go.

  • Fitness for the entire body

Unlike other exercise methods that tend to over-develop certain parts of the body at the expense of others, Pilates offers a workout for the entire body.

While the main focus of Pilates is to develop core strength, it manages to integrate the rest of the body as well. By promoting strength and developing the muscles we neglect in day-to-day life, it serves to enhance your flexibility and increase your range of motion — making it particularly beneficial to your joints — all while toning the muscles, relaxing the upper back and shoulder area, and increasing lung capacity.

  • Versatile and Easily Adaptable

Another brilliant aspect of Pilates is that it can be very easily modified to suit different ages and levels of fitness. Whether you are in your senior years wanting to begin an exercise routine, or reaching the peak of your professional athletic career — or anywhere in between — Pilates always align with your needs, goals and current fitness level.

Taking up a new fitness routine can be a daunting prospect for many people, but Pilates allows for a more individual approach; by building on your own core strength and focusing on creating correct alignment, this integrative approach to fitness makes it an ideal choice for anyone wanting to put some life back into their exercise routine. Anyone looking to try Pilates in Oxford will find a class perfect for their level of fitness, and their fitness goals.

  • Produces strength rather than bulk

With Pilates, you don’t necessarily ‘bulk up’; by creating strength throughout the body, rather than focusing on one particular part, those who practice Pilates are able to develop lean muscles. You won’t wake up one morning to find your arms no longer fit in your sleeves — rather, with Pilates you will be able to build a more toned, supple and balanced physique.

  • Enhances flexibility

One particular focus of Pilates is to strengthen and lengthen the muscles throughout the body, and to enhance the range of motion in our joints. Pilates offers a different approach to yoga, which can include more extreme bends that can seem quite daunting to beginners. Pilates is more realistic when it comes to flexibility – helping you achieve more realistic goals as well.

  • Results in better posture

When your body feels strong and properly aligned, the result is good posture. Since Pilates focuses on developing core strength, you will be building a resilient foundation that will serve you both inside the gym, and out. Many of our issues with pain and poor posture are caused by weakness or stiffness around the spine, and Pilates offers a long term solution by building strength from the inside out.



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