Are you planning to visit a foreign country to spend your vacation? Are you already abroad studying? We all have our own plans while visiting a foreign country. Some of us visit different places of the world to explore while others go there to learn something new. But whatever you do, you must always take care of your health. Falling ill in an unknown land can cause panic, but with the right planning, things will always fall in place.

Travelling abroad does not need to be scary if you have the right knowledge and measures to deal with health problems abroad.

Things to remember

Before you set off on your trip abroad, don’t forget the following things

  • It is important to conduct all the researches on medical availability in the country that you are travelling to. Also, make sure that you know if your insurance company would cover you in a foreign land or you would need to avail temporary travel insurance. Make sure that you have your insurance company’s number along with an emergency contact number handy. Research about all of this and keep it so that you can avail them in case you fall ill.
  • Like your clothes and other things, it is important to keep the first aid kit with yourself. Small problems like cuts or flu can be treated with the help of medicines in your emergency box. Looking for medical help for these problems can be a hassle in a foreign land. Keep your regular medicine and some general medicines in your kit and you would be good to go.
  • If you are facing a serious medical problem, then you should contact the consulate or local embassy. They would arrange for immediate medical care and would also wire over the money immediately needed along with informing your family and friends. They would arrange everything for you while you would only need to take care of the medical bills.
  • Always keep your ID, insurance care and emergency contact number handy. They would prove to be really helpful in case you are in an emergency.
  • In case of emergency, you can seek local care. You can approach the local doctor or pharmacist and they would exactly know what is to be done in case some problem persists. Some problems are area-specific as if you are in a mountain area then breathing problems, mountain sickness, etc. are common. The local medicals would know the correct medications to treat the problem.
  • In the case of a Real Emergency, this handy survival guide website has many great articles.

As we all know that prevention is better than cure, we should always focus on the preventive measures before any illness occurs. While abroad, your daily routine might be different, so taking a bit of extra care can help you a lot. Apart from everything else, make sure to take enough rest, drink plenty of clean water and eat from hygienic places to prevent yourself from getting sick.

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