You may have wondered how terpenes work in the past, or even what they are exactly. Strictly speaking, all fragrant plants produce terpenes, including hemp and marijuana. Their intense smells serve to ward off animals. However, there’s much more to terpenes than a pleasant smell. Studies show that they manage how CBD interacts with our body. Moreover, they can help augment the positive effects of other compounds contained in hemp.

Source: Medical School of Harvard 

Users can take CBD oil, have a lot more information about taking it on their site,  as often as several times a day, which is why it should smell and taste as pleasantly as possible. Raw CBD oil has an earthier, bitter taste, while golden oil has the rich fragrance and taste of a large number of terpenes harnessed through the process of steam distillation. It does not contain any chlorophyll and other plant matter that lends raw oils their unpleasant taste.

The effects of terpenes can vary. Some can increase alertness and energy, while others induce a more calming, relaxed state of being. Golden CBD oil contains the best, most aromatic, and most useful terpenes. We’ll look at each of them in this article.    


This is the one and only terpene that interacts with the human endocannabinoid system. Its flavour is spicy and unique. It’s also found in ginger, black pepper, cloves, and rosemary. It has the effect of an antioxidant, supports the immune system, and counters bacteria growth.



Hemp and marijuana have a very high content of this terpene. Hops, mango, and lemongrass have it as well. Its concentration accounts for the difference between the effects of the sativa and indica strains. High myrcene content augments the feeling of relaxation that is associated with the indica strain. Low content can give more energy, which is typical of the sativa strain. The difference in content accounts for the different effects of hemp as well.       


This sweet, fragrant terpene is present in pepper, parsley, mangoes, and other fruits and plants. It is best known for combating bacteria growth.       


This terpene has a very pleasant floral scent. There is a lot of bisabolol in chamomile. It is good for the skin and prevents dry flaking.

Linalool and Pinene

A lot of flowers and plants contain linalool, which has a very intense floral scent. Pinene is responsible for the pine taste in a number of marijuana and hemp strains. Pine trees, rosemary, eucalyptus, and frankincense all contain pinene. It helps with reducing inflammation, fighting bacteria, and pain relief.

When you buy golden CBD oil, you no longer need to wonder what terpenes it contains and how they work. These super oils, which are derived from hemp, can be quite beneficial to users. CBD oil distillates and isolates tend to process many terpenes out, which reflects on the quality. Terpenes are vital components of the fruits, plants, and flowers all around us. Their effects go above and beyond their scent and taste. They work together to produce various therapeutic effects along with the cannabinoids in hemp.

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