CBD oil is the latest supplement to take the world of natural healthcare by storm. It’s actually been around for several years, but has only relatively recently made it into the realms of popular culture and consequently grabbed a lot of attention. One group of people who have become especially interested in the uses of CBD oil for athletes, who are attracted to this product as it is claimed CBD oil can help with various things, such as aiding restful sleep, reducing muscle and joint pain, and helping to control weight without dieting.

This all sounds amazing for sure, so do athletes have a green light to go right ahead and start consuming CBD oil in some way? The short answer is yes – but there are some things athletes must know before they take CBD oil in order to boost their sports performance. You can read more about cbd for sports performance through cbdforathletics.com.

Pure CBD oil is allowed

It hasn’t always been the case, but in early 2018 WADA, (the World Anti-Doping Agency), officially struck CBD oil of their list of prohibited substances, followed suit by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). This applies to athletes whether they are in a competition or not.  However, it is important to note that all forms of THC (the compound in marijuana which makes the user high) remains off limits at any time. This makes it really important that athletes consume only 100% THC free CBD oil products.

It seems unfair that a CBD oil with something like 000.3 THC – which many products do have, and which would have absolutely zero effect on brain chemistry, could still make an athlete fail a blood or urine test. So while it may take a little longer to source CBD oil which really is 100% pure may take a little longer to do it is very worth it.

It’s wise to seek advice before mixing CBD oil with prescribed medications

Although there are few side effect currently recorded concerning CBD oil itself, there are studies which indicate some medicines prescribes by a doctor may not work well alongside it, so always seek medical advice first if this applies to you.

CBD oil works best when you take it for a reason

It’s rare and very refreshing to come across a supplement which seems to benefit people with such a wide variety of conditions; with studies suggesting CD oil can help with everything from epilepsy and depression, to IBS and memory function. For athletes the most useful possible outcomes concern reducing pain, stiffness, inflammation and anxiety, as well perhaps as it regulating sleep patterns so you can rest more, and helping to reduce and control appetite so weight control and food management is easier.

There are definitely plenty of positive reasons why athletes will find CBD oil will really help boost their sporting performance – in a natural, legal and simple way, so long as they are sure to only use a completely pure version of it.

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