One of the last things anyone would want to talk about is dying. But since it is a reality no one can avoid, avoiding the conversation entirely is simply attempting to postpone the inevitable. In fact, rather than try to avoid talking about it, one should make active plans on how he or she wants to be buried. The period of death is usually a difficult time for the family of the deceased. Asides grieving the loss of a loved one, they also have to worry about making plans on how to bury the remains of departed.

On so many occasions apart from the high cost of funeral arrangements, there are also a lot of confusion about the decisions to make. Usually, there is always a nagging question of how the individual would have liked their burial conducted. Giving that there are a number of options available, knowing about these death care options and planning ahead on which one you would prefer is a very important question. So what are your death care option?

Cremation and cremation jewellery

Cremation is rapidly becoming a popular option mostly because it is considered less expensive compared to other options. More and more people are opting for this. But even with cremation, the major question that lingers on is how the ashes of the deceased would be used. Some people specify this in their will. Some choose to have it scattered somewhere and might even choose a specific location for it to be scattered or buried. Others would prefer their families keep the ashes. You can even get creative with other ways such as jewellery. Heart in diamond for example makes cremation jewellery from ashes, something which is becoming quite popular, you can choose to have your ashes turned into diamond jewellery rather than simply scattering it somewhere. It is a very special way to preserve the individual’s memory.

Embalming and conventional burial

You could go for a conventional burial. Your body will be embalmed and buried after all necessary arrangements have been made. Even with this, there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered like what type of ceremony you would prefer, preferred burial sites among others.

The cost of having a conventional burial is expensive. One has to put into consideration funeral costs such as burial space, opening, and closing of a grave, burial vault, a headstone, cost of embalming and keeping the remains before burial among others.

Green burial

With the rising cost of a conventional burial and the increasing concerns by some about the environmental impacts of it, more people are choosing to opt for a greener option for the burial. Since almost everything is going green now, it comes as no surprise that more people are going for greener death care options.

Asides doing away with chemicals that have been deemed harmful to the environment, a green burial involves burial in a biodegradable material usually a cardboard or pine casket or shroud. Sometimes the burial hole is even dug to be shallower to allow plants benefit from the decomposition of the remains.

There are also other less known options you might want to consider resomation, plastination or even mummification.

You should have a say on how you want to be treated after your death. it might be a tough call to make, but in reality, you are taking a huge load off the neck of your family by doing so. Considering your death care options and going to the extra mile and making a will or taking up an insurance policy will help your family deal with the stress of burial easily. It is a decision that has to be made one way or the other, so why not now.

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