Fertility treatments have made a life-changing difference to a growing number of people who have become proud parents as a result of finding a solution to conceiving in this way.

This and other health-related topics are discussed regularly on sites such as braceyourhealth, and it is good to keep up to speed with all the developments that are happening in this sphere.

Here is an overview of some upcoming fertility treatments that could be having a major impact in the future.

Counteracting a low sperm count

There are numerous reasons why a couple may be having difficulty conceiving and one of them is when the man has been identified as having a low sperm count or the quality of their sperm is not high enough.

One solution to that problem is an Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

This treatment is offered in conjunction with a number of IVF options and a key aspect of ICSI involves injecting sperm directly into the egg rather than mixing them in a dish in a conventional way.

The GIFT of potential childbirth

Another option to consider would be gamete intrafallopian transfer (GIFT).

The basic methodology of GIFT is using a process where the woman’s eggs are removed and subsequently mixed with the man’s sperm, before immediately placing them into a fallopian tube.

There are other similar versions of this technique available such as IVF and zygote intrafallopian transfer (ZIFT) but GIFT is the process that takes place inside the fallopian tube as opposed to taking place in a laboratory.

It is important to point out that if there are eggs remaining after trying GIFT it is possible to use them for IVF treatment and you may also have the option of saving any viable embryos for future use.

A way to increase the number of sperm reaching the fallopian tubes

If you are looking for a procedure that is less invasive and not as costly as IVF you might want to take a look at an option known as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

IUI involves placing the man’s sperm inside the woman’s uterus in order to achieve the primary objective of fertilization.

The ultimate purpose of the IUI treatment option is to increase the volume of sperm that manages to reach the fallopian tubes and IUI has been shown to give the sperm a helping hand on its journey.

It should be remembered that the sperm has to reach the and subsequently fertilize the egg on its own in order for the procedure to be successful, so you are mainly trying to give nature a helping hand and, hopefully, improving your chances of achieving a natural and successful outcome, namely conception.

IUI is often proposed as a treatment option for men who suffer from a low sperm count or have difficulties with a lower than average level of sperm mobility.

This procedure is performed around the time of ovulation and takes only a matter of minutes to complete.

These are just some of the fertility treatment options currently available and it is anticipated that more potential ways to help couples conceive will be offered as research and technology evolve.

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