There is no one diet to lose belly fat; in fact, it is always a combination of multiple strategies to tone those love handles. There are several diet plans and exercise routines available at dispense of the internet. If there is one thing that everyone can say something about, it is weight loss. At times, it becomes difficult to differentiate fact from fiction. Here, we will be using this space to bust a few of the most common weight loss myths.

An extreme workout is the only way to lose weight

You will not see one successful weight loss journey that took place without incorporating small-scale physical activities into the routine. Adults should include at least 150 minutes of physical activity – such as walking or cycling – into their lives. To lose weight means one has to consume less and burn more. This can be actualized only if one eats less and moves more.

Healthier foods are costly

Many people have taken a business approach to healthy food. They started selling low-carb diet food. Moreover, celebrities today have fancied the idea of eating healthy. This gave people the impression that healthy food means spending more money on eating. However, it is quite the opposite in reality. Try replacing unhealthier ingredients with healthy ones, and you will see your meals costing you lesser.

Carbs add up to your weight

When eaten in a moderate amount and on their own, carbohydrates will not lead to a gain in weight. The key to healthy eating is to have a balanced diet. Anyone trying to lose weight can consume whole grain and whole meal carbs including brown rice and bread, and potatoes without being peeled, to increase the quantity of fiber. However, starchy foods must be avoided when one is on a mission to lose weight.

Some foods accelerate the metabolism function

Metabolism is the function in which all chemical processes take place smoothly in one’s body and helps the body and its organs function normally. These functions include breathing, digesting food, and repairing cells. Every function in the body requires energy to occur. The amount of energy needed depends on an individual’s bodily factors such as body size, gender, genes, and age.

It is believed that certain foods and drinks speed up metabolism which in turn helps the body to burn more calories and support weight loss. There is little scientific evidence to back up this belief. Some of such foods and drinks may even contain higher levels of caffeine and sugar.

Drinking water works like a magic

Water, no matter how much you drink of it, does not cause you to lose weight. It, however, keeps you hydrated and will leave only a little space in your stomach to binge eat your snacks. Water contains all the necessary nutrients. During weight loss, it is, therefore, advised by doctors to drink more water because one might not be stocking enough nutrients within the body through eating.

Cutting out snacks is the only choice

It is not snacking that is the problem, rather the type of snack that one eats. Losing weight never means to feel low on energy. Thus, many people feel the need to snack in-between meals to sustain energy. In such cases, one should pick fruits and vegetables instead of fizzy drinks, chocolates, and crisps.

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