Fast and lasting weight-loss amidst entertainment and comfort

LuckyFit’s programmes for fast and lasting weight loss are already known not only in Bulgaria – they attract the attention of the whole of Europe. LuckyFit is a clinic in the international resort of Bansko and is housed in the elite hotel Lucky Bansko.


It specialises in weight-loss without starvation, accompanied with body detox. The activities included also have a restorative and anti-stress effect. The overall program of the clinic is called “Lose weight with pleasure.” And that is what happens – the participants visibly lose weight while on a comfortable, 5-star holiday in the resort and have plenty of entertainment.

Over a week the weight is reduced by between 4 and 6 per cent and after a two-week programme – between 6 and 8 percent. The effect is lasting and the weight loss can continue after the LuckyFit stay until the desired kilograms are achieved. This is because LuckyFit specialists provide a long-term individual plan for everyone including a diet and physical activity.

If the advice is followed, in one year, 30% of the weight can be dropped in a healthy way and it can be maintained without effort or problems. The diet at Lucky Fit Clinic is actually delicious, varied and complete nutrition, which eliminates excess calories. The necessary intake, menu and levels of physical activity are assessed after medical examinations and the programs are under medical supervision. Physical activities are varied and entertaining. For example, combined gymnastics with elements of fitness, Pilates, calanetics, yoga, etc. are included. There are outings and outdoor treks that are of varying intensity and the participants are in groups according to their abilities. Also included are swimming pool, horse riding, dancing and more. The course is good for the whole body – it improves metabolism, tightens muscles, increases physical endurance and tone.

LuckyFit’s programmes – a variety you can choose from

The main programmes of the clinic are five and the basic one is LuckyFit Standard. The rest were developed based on it and each has its own emphasis according to the participants’ wishes – on Full Detox, which is longer; Anti-stress, which is also suitable for people with normal weight; LuckyFit Yoga with an Indian Yoga Instructor and Indian Professional Chef; LuckyFit Weekend, which is a short but relaxing break with the LuckyFit Standard, through which participants can get acquainted with other programmes.


They are held two weeks each month excluding January and February, with a stay of up to seven days. Weekly, up to 30 participants are accepted, regardless of which programme they have joined.

Different packages can be used for each programme – a SPA detox with 7 or 12 procedures or three relaxing massages at the choice of the participant. The accommodation is luxurious – in a separate soundproofed studio with free internet, satellite TV, telephone, kitchenette, bathrooms with baths, in each studio there is a minibar and a mini-safe. Participants use the gym, saunas, steam baths, Jacuzzis, adventure showers, saline pool, bio pools etc. for free.

Very special is the Full Detox programme – it is also based on the LuckyFit Standard, but includes some additional elements. It can be aimed at the detoxification of either the whole body and individual organs or systems in the body. The individual plan is drawn up by the famous nutritionist Dr Daniel Dimitrov, taking into account the health condition of the participant, her/his eating habits, her/his preferences. The programme includes a week-long home preparation with pre-given instructions on what to eat and a list of herbal products; one-week detox in the clinic at Lucky Bansko, a week of special feeding – at the request of the participant this can happen at the hotel or at home; a month or two of Ayurvedic products.

The universal effects will cleanse and energise you and improve your general health and physical condition.

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