So many people are concerned that they aren’t the impressive lover that their partner deserves. In some cases, trouble in bed can cause relationships to falter – and may even damage your mental health as a result of stress or feelings of inadequacy. If you’re worried about your performance, read on. This article will give you some handy advice on what to do in order to make improvements.

Talk to Your Partner

One of the simplest explanations for when things aren’t going to plan in the bedroom is that you’re just not quite on the same page. This shouldn’t be a problem at all – just sit down with your sexual partner and have a frank heart to heart about how things are going. Remember not to put too much pressure on them or make it seem serious, and be gentle with any suggestions. You shouldn’t take their comments too harshly either. Work hard to confirm what they like and what they could do without. Once you’ve got a clearer idea, try to do a few things their way and encourage them to experiment with a few of the things you like too, without being too pushy. You may pleasantly surprise each other.

Stay Healthy

Your stamina or libido may suffer significantly if you’re in poor shape. Self-consciousness about your body can distract you in the bedroom too. Be sure to eat well – getting lots of vitamins, minerals and water – and exercise regularly. Tiredness is another reason for poor performance. Get to bed on time as much as you can – or even plan to go early if you want to make time for some fun with your partner living a healthy lifestyle.

Talk to Your GP

There may be physiological reasons for your loss of libido or other sexual problems. Your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction. People of any gender may be able to benefit from sildenafil or other libido-enhancing medications. Be sure you know the facts before you take anything – professional advice is key.

Do Your Research

Don’t be embarrassed to read up on techniques and approaches to sex. People are very different when it comes to performance, so it might take you a good amount of time and research before you come across the methods that are best for you – but persevere and you may be able to totally turn things around.

Don’t Force Things

You’re not a failure just because you’re not always in the mood – and neither is your partner. If tonight just isn’t the night, don’t push yourself to do it anyway. Having sex when you’re not really feeling it can almost seem like a chore, and will almost certainly lead to performance problems. If it’s your partner who isn’t too keen, don’t take it as an insult. It’s probably not about you. You risk seeming overly demanding and dismissive of their feelings if you insist. The more you try to force something that one of you isn’t keen on, the quicker you’ll find yourself running into trouble in bed.

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