A balanced diet is one of the most important requirements of the human body. Vitamins and Minerals are an essential category in any balanced diet chart. The amount required may seem to be very less when compared to carbohydrates, proteins or fat. However, the absence of these small quantities of Vitamins and minerals can cause severe damage to normal body functioning. Out of the Vitamins, one of the essential vitamins that cannot be avoided under any circumstances is Vitamin B12. This vitamin is also referred to by the name Cobalamin. The Human body cannot produce this on its own, so we have to supplement it through our daily diet or vitamin supplements prescribed by a doctor.

When there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body, several complications arise. Initially, it may be mistaken as general weakness or fatigue due to work-related stress. However, if the deficiency is not recognized at an early stage, it can lead to many health-related issues. Vitamin B12 or Cobalamin is regarded as a major ingredient in any diet plan followed in a healthy regime. The importance of a healthy diet combined with guided exercise schedules has to be stressed upon. This is of extreme significance if you are looking to have a healthy body.

How does Vitamin B12 benefits the human body?

Vitamin B12 is normally obtained from food sources, especially animal products. This can be substituted by taking supplements or using Vitamin Patches. Since vitamin supplements are the most common way of substitution, vitamin patches are now the new and best option that is available on the market.

Vitamin Patches Come to the Rescue

There are so many people who are suffering from Vitamin deficiencies today and hence oral medicines alone are not sufficient. The use of Vitamin patches is fast becoming a substitute for oral medication. These patches are available for many Vitamins like Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, C, D3, E, K2 in addition to Vitamin B12.  Earl Hailey of PatchMD.com says that if you feel like Vitamin A supplement pills aren’t improving your skin, you can look into vitamin patches. Vitamin Patches are an effective alternative to those who are looking to have a regular dose of medicine entering the body without bothering the digestive system. In addition to vitamins, a lot of other minerals are also available as patches.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

There are numerous advantages of keeping the levels of Vitamin B12 steady. Let’s have a glance at some of the important functions it plays in the human body.

  • A key component in preventing Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition wherein the bones tend to become weak and gradually turn very fragile. There is a high risk of attaining fractures and dislocations. Mostly this condition is seen in elderly women. However recent studies have shown that men also develop such disorders. A healthy diet that is rich in essential vitamins and minerals is required along with regular exercise to keep the body and mind in good condition.

  • Important in the production of Red blood cells

By regular intake of Vitamin B12, the production of red blood cells occurs properly. This is a major factor in reducing conditions like dizziness as well as brain fog. Without proper intake of Vitamin B12, people experience difficulty in focussing and suffer from concentration loss. It becomes hard to remember important things as a fuzzy feeling persists. A consistent feeling of fatigue prevails and you become completely drained out.

  • Improves Nerve functioning

Vitamin B12 assists in the proper functioning of Myelin, which in turn keeps the nerves healthy and improves the communication between the brain and other body parts. Unless there is a steady flow of messages to and fro, the body functions will falter and unrest will follow. The nervous system is an important route of communication that is essential for the healthy functioning of the human body. The spinal cord is the most important channel of communication which has to be taken care of.

  • Plays an important role in preventing Anaemia

Pernicious anemia is a serious condition that can lead to fatal complications if not diagnosed on time. This can lead to severe memory failure, depression, disorientation, muscular weakness, numbness, and excessive fatigue. Regular levels of Vitamin B12 will help to stabilize this condition and keep the symptoms in check.

  • Improves heart functions

Adequate quantities of Vitamin B12 is required for the regulation of the hormone-homocysteine. The increase in levels of homocysteine leads to cardiovascular malfunctions and this increases the chances of strokes, nervous disorders, and heart attacks.

  • Enhanced role in healthy cell production

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the growth of healthy cells in the body. The cell membrane is protected by the presence of this vitamin. Hormone production within the body is also regulated which in turn increases the power of the immune system. The body attains greater resistance to diseases when the immunity improves.

  • Acts as a great source of energy

The active presence of Vitamin B12 is required for the conversion of fats and  carbohydrates into sources of usable energy (ATP)within the body

  • Improves the overall appearance of hair, skin, and skin

Lack of sufficient Vitamin B12 leads to an unhealthy appearance. The skin texture and natural glow are lost. Pigmentation becomes a serious issue. Vitiligo- a condition where discoloration of the skin occurs in patches, is commonly seen in people who have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Changes in hair color and texture are also noticed. The hair becomes dull and lifeless due to a lack of nutrients. Discoloration occurs not only in the skin, but it is also seen on fingernails as well. Small white patches will appear on the nails which is a clear indication of lack of Vitamin B12.

The other major roles played by Vitamin B12 are stated below:-

  • Has a significant part to play in DNA synthesis
  • Is active in controlling aging
  • Improves fertility in females
  • Helps in overcoming symptoms of depression
  • Improves memory power
  • Helps proper functioning of neurons

What leads to Vitamin B12 deficiency?

  1. A purely vegetarian diet:- Plants do not have the ability to produce Vitamin B12.So relying only on a vegetarian diet can lead to severe deficiency of the same.
  2. Usage of Acid reducers on a regular basis- The use of stomach acidity reducing agents for prolonged durations will affect the Vitamin B12 levels in the body.
  3. Surgery for weight loss will also lead to Vitamin B12 deficiency.
  4. Gastritis – Atrophic gastritis will develop complications as the lining of the stomach will start becoming thin.
  5. Excessive alcohol consumption- Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leads to the reduction of vitamin B12 levels. Always keep alcohol intake within limits so that the body’s metabolism is not affected.
  6. Low immunity or disorders of the immune system is also a threat to maintaining the required level of Vitamin B12.
  7. Unhealthy conditions of both the Intestines affect the Vitamin B12 levels greatly.

The significance of including the required amounts of Vitamin B12 in your daily diet cannot be stressed enough. The change in lifestyle, lack of balanced diet, increase in work-related stress and so many factors have changed the outlook of this generation. It is always important to lead a balanced life where you are in harmony with your body and surroundings. Like it is always said, those small moments in a day actually make deep impressions on life, the presence of all Vitamins in tiny quantities keeps your body healthy, active and fit!

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