Testosterone hormone is the main hormone in males responsible for maturation of sperms, building muscles and many other functions in the body. In this article, we will talk about some foods that are quite helpful in boosting testosterone levels in a natural way. Low testosterone counts in the body can cause depression, hair loss, weight gain, decreased energy and low self-esteem in oneself. Check out the list below to avoid all these problems.

Top 5 Foods To Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Tuna:

This is the first food on our list for which one can go for to increase their testosterone levels naturally. It has been observed that vitamin D plays an important role in boosting testosterone production in the body by up to 90%. And for your information, tuna contains a lot of Vitamin D and thereof is useful in producing more testosterone in the body. Not too much but eating tuna fish twice in a week is enough to fulfil our body’s Vitamin D requirement. This food is also found to be beneficial for keeping our heart healthy since it has low calories. I know, many of us don’t prefer to eat tuna. For them, there are other alternatives like sardines, tilapia and salmon which are also rich in Vitamin D. It is better to eat tuna for twice or thrice in a week to avoid much intake of mercury which is found in it.

2. Pomegranates:

Second recommended food which is seen to help in elevating testosterone level in the body is this citrus fruit. This fruit is not only known to help us out with low testosterone count and good health of heart but is also useful for improving mood and memory. It has been observed to enhance fertility and sex drive. Eating pomegranates provide us with a safeguard against free radicals because of its rich antioxidant content. These anti-oxidants in it further helps in thinning of blood in our body. Another benefit of consuming pomegranates is that it helps in preventing arthritis and several other diseases. With the passing age, the artery walls start hardening which results in a complete blockage of blood vessels. Do you know why these walls of arteries become hardened? This happens when substances like cholesterol, fats, etc start assembling in the artery walls. To prevent such blockage, we should eat pomegranates.

3. Oysters:

We know that zinc is very important for maintaining good health of sperms as well as helping with erectile dysfunction in males. Oysters contain zinc in a huge amount which as mentioned earlier helps in assuring sperm’s health leading to successful sexual life. We know that low level of zinc in our body inhibits growth, lead to decreased appetite, hair loss, etc. It may also result in poor eyesight and weak immune system of the body. People with low zinc in their body experience impotence (a feeling of helplessness). Therefore it becomes necessary to eat foods rich in zinc to maintain a healthy body with increased testosterone counts. Testosterone hormones are mainly concerned with males but we can’t deny its importance in females too. Oysters help in increasing libido in both males and females. There are many other foods rich in zinc which we can take. These include red meat, chicken, nuts and other shellfish.

4. Honey:

Other food for which you can go to make your body to release testosterone naturally is Honey. As we already know the importance of various minerals in our body. Boron is one such mineral which helps in healthy bone formation, enhanced immunity and also work as one of the natural testosterone boosters. Honey is rich in this mineral called boron and thus helps in building strong bones, improving immunity, etc. Moreover, Nitric Oxide in it helps our blood vessels to open thus improving blood flow in our body. Not only this, but honey is also seen as beneficial for improving the mental health of a person with enhanced memory and thinking skills. Its consumption helps us out with low sex drive and energy in the body. There are many other foods rich in boron, for example, dried beans, potatoes, coffee, etc. It is said that taking 4 teaspoons of honey on a daily basis is enough to keep our body healthy.

5. Egg Yolks

Egg yolks, we all deny to eat them maybe because of its high cholesterol content or any other reason but trust me there is no other food available out there which can help us with our low testosterone count. Most of us prefer to eat egg whites because we find it more delicious and nutritious but this is not true in reality. It is found that egg yolks are more nutritious than egg whites. We have read in our junior classes about the importance of eating eggs. Eggs are rich in proteins which are essential for our growth, vitamin D and many minerals like zinc, copper and iron. The vitamin A in eggs helps in preventing night blindness and many other eye problems. Eggs are not only helpful in boosting testosterone production but are also beneficial for lowering risks of heart diseases. We have seen many people who work out at gym consume eggs per day. Can you guess why? This is because of all these benefits of eggs mentioned above. It is enough to eat one egg per day to ensure good health.


These were some of the foods which we can eat to make our body produce testosterone hormones naturally. Apart from these, there are many other foods which are also helpful to increase testosterone counts in the body. Some of them are cabbage, green leafy vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, beef, etc. It is not enough to eat healthily but a proper sleep of 8 hours and regular exercises, especially leg exercises, are very important to maintain the required level of testosterone in our body. Sometimes, it is the stress we take which affects the natural production of testosterone adversely. So it is better to stay relaxed and happy to lead a healthy life. However, there are several testosterone booster supplements available in the market but nothing can compete the nature and these foods are provided by nature.

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