In these uncertain times, it is important that we are fully prepped to return to our offices and our regular lives as more things open up. Take this as an opportunity to overhaul the cleaning protocols of your office and change things around now. Phrases like “the new normal” are being thrown about frequently, but that does not mean that you cannot use this as the chance to create a new working environment for your employees.

Little and Often

A key part of ensuring that you are adopting new protocols like this is to focus on how often cleaning is actually taking place within the office. Are you all regularly doing your bit to ensure that the office stays clean and tidy?

There are several ways to make sure that you are staying on top of the cleaning, no matter how busy things might get at work. The first thing you can try doing is as simple as cleaning up at the end of the day. If everyone takes five minutes to sort out their desk and take their own rubbish out, things get much simpler to manage. On top of this, it can help to boost productivity. They will be coming back into work with a clean place to work from and it can put them in just the right mindset for a productive day at work.

The other option is to all contribute to a group clean maybe once a week. Try to have this at the same time every week until it becomes a regular habit. For example, you could choose to have this clean-up every Friday morning as a way to say goodbye to the working week and get ready for the weekend.

Invest in Good Cleaning Products

Whether you are buying products for yourself or you are looking into supplies for a professional cleaner you have hired for the office, there are many choices you need to make to ensure that you are getting the hygiene standards that you want.

For example, many people are trying to track down the best anti-virus sprays at the moment. While this can be simple enough to do with the right tools, you also need to make sure that you are also researching the effectiveness of anti-virus sprays depending on where they are used. Does it need to be sprayed directly onto surfaces or can it just be used in the air? Research like this can help to ensure that your cleaning products are being used in precisely the right way.

Watch the Ingredients

Many people are becoming more aware of some of the chemicals that are used in cleaning products, so they want to look into natural ones as much as possible. While this is an admirable stance to take, it is one that must be approached with a little caution.

What you should not do is just mix a load of ingredients together to use yourself. While this might be OK in your own home, it should not be brought into a professional environment. You also need to keep an eye on what ingredients are in the products you are buying and doing the right research to find out what they do.

There are some natural products out there that claim to have the same effectiveness as chemical cleaners when they are actually little more than essential oils mixed together. This is obviously going to do nothing, and it will just be a waste of time and money to buy them. You can find all-natural cleaning products that do work – you just need to make sure that you have the research to back them up.

Get All Staff on the Same Page

It is important that everyone in the office realises their part to play in keeping things clean and tidy. Cleaners are often there to just disinfect surfaces, vacuum, and take out any rubbish. They do not offer a full maid service, and therefore should not be expected to clean up an employee’s dirty coffee mugs.

You also need to take stock of everyone’s allergies. Many people like to buy certain scents to add to cleaning products to remove some of the harsh smells. However, there is always a chance that someone could be allergic to one of these scents. You need to provide your employees with a safe working environment at all times, so make sure there is nothing that could harm that is being used to clean.

These are just four tips that can help you create a much cleaner and safer working environment. With the right products, and with everyone doing their bit to help out, you should have no issue creating an environment which is safe and clean for everyone who comes to your office.

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