With the presence of numerous self-diagnosis apps coupled with the fact that you can Google-search almost any topic and get results, the issue of self-diagnosis has become a problem. The rate at which people indulge in self-diagnosis is alarming. You should not just read this because it is about the dangers of self-diagnosis.

Naturally, what follows self-diagnosis is self-medication and this is more dangerous than self-diagnosis itself. As long as people are able to get prescription drugs without involving any doctor, this issue will keep getting worse. Maybe pharmacy malpractice attorneys have to be involved in the fight against it. By virtue of their experience, they can sensitize pharmacies on the dangers of dispensing prescription drugs without seeing doctors’ prescription.


Sometimes you may be having more than one medical condition at the same time, but self-diagnosis will only point to one of them and that is even if the diagnosis is right. You will likely treat one and the other gets worse. By the time it becomes obvious that there is another condition apart from what you are treating, things would have gotten worse and the treatment will definitely cost you more.

Symptoms similarity

Another reason you should not engage in self-diagnosis is that some symptoms are shared by many ailments. For example, constant headache can be caused by stress, malaria, fever, and even a brain tumor. Diagnosing yourself in this case will likely land you on the wrong path.


There are several therapies and medications for every ailment, but not all the therapies are suitable for all the patients of the ailment. Whatever your ailment is, your doctor will get as much information as possible about your health/medical history before prescribing the most suitable drug for you.

Your body may react badly to certain drugs. In addition, some drugs do not react well when they come in contact with other drugs in the body. This is why doctors say you should not take medication A if you are on medication B. Self-diagnosis does not include that. You should now understand why self-medication is a dangerous offshoot of self-diagnosis.

Waste of money

If you diagnose yourself wrongly, whatever medications you purchase to treat yourself is a sheer waste of money. You are treating the wrong condition. Unfortunately, the drug could be costly and you may have to buy it multiple times. You are even lucky if it ends with only a waste of money. Your body could react negatively to it.

Drug overdose

Even when you are taking the right medication for your ailment, it is important that you take the right dosage. You must have observed that doctors factor in a lot of things before prescribing the right dosage. If you indulge in self-diagnosis, you will also graduate to self-medication where you stand the risk of drug overdose.

Drug abuse

Some drugs are quite addictive. Doctors usually prescribe such drugs with a time frame to use it. Even if the ailment does not resolve completely, you should stop taking the drug when the time frame lapses. One of the reasons for that is to prevent you from getting addicted to such drugs. People on self-medication will certainly not be privy to such information and guide.

Conclusively, self-diagnosis is tempting, but you can resist it. Apart from abstaining from it, you should also discourage people from it. You can’t indulge in it without embracing self-medication and that is where the real danger lies.

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