Carrying a baby inside your tummy for nine months can give you all sorts of emotions. One moment you are excited, another moment you are scared, but as you near your due date, exhaustion may also come into play. Nevertheless, you need to be prepared physically and emotionally, which is why here are some things you must know before giving birth.

Research and Prepare

There are already vast sources of information, you just need to be wary of which to trust. It goes without saying that bringing in a human into this world doesn’t come with a manual, which is why you need to constantly search for answers to questions you may have in mind. Read about breastfeeding, as well as explore about baby wearing and co-sleeping. While all the information can be overwhelming, these are necessary for you to thrive and somehow know what to do.

Did you know that you actually have the option of preserving the stem cells of your baby for future treatments to certain ailments and diseases? Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, this is now possible through cord blood banking. The stem cells that will be preserved are typically found in the umbilical cord of your baby. Of course, storing those stem cells come with a cost. While this is not mandatory, you can research more on this to explore your options.

This is also the perfect time to craft your birth plan. True enough, there is really no means of predicting your labor and delivery. But it greatly helps if you have a birth plan that is discussed with your doctor such as if you really prefer to have a natural birth or what circumstances will make you agree to a C-section. You can even include where you want to give birth. Nevertheless, the need for continuous research and preparation doesn’t begin and end in giving birth.

Opt for Comfort

In all instances, put comfort a priority, whether it is in what you wear, how you sleep, in how you sit or even in how you poop or pee. Choose comfortable clothes over sexy lingerie. Use a pregnancy pillow to help you get sufficient rest. There are even silicon cushions that can support your buttocks when you sit down. The thing is, you need to get comfortable as much as possible.

Treat Yourself

Go get a manicure or get your hair done. Enjoy an ice cream or a cup of coffee with your significant other. Spend some time with your mom. Get a prenatal massage. Bask in the things you love to do because as soon as your baby is out, you will hardly have any time for yourself, or any energy for that matter, for at least a couple of weeks.


In conclusion, being able to welcome a new human being into this world is rewarding. As cliché as it may sound, gazing into your sleeping newborn will make you realize that all the hardships you have gone through your pregnancy are all worth it.

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