If you are a first-time wheelchair buyer, then you must know that when you are shopping for the lightest wheelchair on the market, it must be the foldable type to justify its selection. The reason for choosing lightweight wheelchairs is to facilitate its transportation, and if it does not fold, it cannot fit into the car or van.  However, you must be cautious about the fact that although all transport chairs must be foldable, all foldable wheelchairs might not be transportable if it is not lightweight.  Transport wheelchairs are primarily for outdoor use, and its wheel material and size facilitates smooth movement across uneven surfaces.

The essential elements of your wheelchair are to build your portability and augment your solace.

It’s significant that you consider your portability prerequisites to ensure you’re ready to move effectively from your wheelchair into seats, beds, and toilets. While thinking about a wheelchair, you ought to attempt to represent any future changes in your versatility or a potential decay of your physical wellbeing.

Your wheelchair decision will be affected by your physical extents; explicitly; your weight and size. For the most part, your wheelchair’s seat ought to have a width that is 2cm-4cm more prominent than the width of your hips to guarantee your solace. Another significant thing to recall is to buy a wheelchair that is inside your weight limit. Australian wheelchair sellers and merchants are required to list the greatest weight that each fueled and manual wheelchair model can securely bolster.

Kind of wheelchair is directly for you

The kind of wheelchair you need will rely upon how and where you’ll utilize it. Posing yourself some, key inquiries can assist thin with bringing down your alternatives.

For instance:

  • Can you wheel yourself, or do you need somebody to push you?
  • How long will you go through in it every day?
  • Where will you utilize the wheelchair? Inside or outside
  • Do you have to ship the wheelchair in a vehicle?
  • How much would you like to spend?
  • Are you purchasing another or recycled wheelchair?

Consider these inquiries you read through this guide and allude back to them on the off chance that you have to. It’ll assist you with narrowing down what you need. At the point when you think you, have it made sense of, head to your neighborhood Disability Information Center (DIC) and converse with them about it. They’ll have the option to point you the correct way and may even have a few wheelchairs for you to attempt. You generally need to invest some energy in a wheelchair before focusing on purchasing, particularly in the event that you’ll be investing a great deal of time in it.

Wheelchair materials

Wheelchairs are made from different materials that have one thing in common in that these are all very durable materials. Although a variety of materials from rubber and plastic to metals are used for making wheelchairs, the prime material for the wheelchair frame is either steel or aluminum. All the materials contribute to the long life of wheelchairs. Aluminum is the chosen metal for lightweight wheelchairs because it is lighter than steel but durable.

Wheelchair upholstery

Although when buying transport wheelchairs, the focus is on the weight of the equipment, the upholstery is no less important because it plays a major role in ensuring comfort and health. The upholstery material must ensure the maximum comfort of users who may have to remain seated for long hours in the wheelchair. The material must prevent the seat from getting heated while keeping it cool. Therefore, check the upholstery material to ensure that it plays its part well to reduce sweating of the body parts that come in contact with the upholstery.

The upholstery material must have the properties of dissipating heat so that it reduces sweating and prevents dampness around the seat that can cause infections when seated for a long time.

Seat size

For comfortable seating, besides the upholstery material, the seat size is also very important.  In addition, it also has a relation to the wheelchair size, which contributes to the weight. However, there cannot be any compromise with the comfort of users. Wheelchair seats are available in three sizes – for those weighing up to 120lbs. the seat size should be 17″, for users between 130lbs. and 300lbs. the recommended seat size is 19″ and for users above 300lbs. the seat size should be 22”.

The rubber parts

Most wheelchairs have rubber wheels, and the quality of rubber determines its longevity. Rubber is used for the armrests too, and it must withstand the strains of daily use without showing signs of damage or ripping off.  The rubber quality is even more important for wheelchairs for outdoor use as it must cope with more arduous conditions without failing.

Although transport wheelchairs are normally comfortable, it depends on the extent for use, and experts advise users about using a cushion on the seat and back if users sit for more than 2 hours at a stretch. Adding some accessories to the wheelchair like cup holders and bags will make it more comfortable for users.

Ask Your Doctor

You can make your wheelchair a lot more secure by including safety belts, enemies of tips, and brakes augmentations. To make the wheel seat much increasingly agreeable, you can include pads and back backings.

The stature of the back help will rely upon the measure of head control, trunk control and chest area quality the client has. Your physical advisor will be an extraordinary visit in helping you alter the wheelchair for your necessities.

Manual Wheelchairs

The most essential wheelchair is a manual wheelchair. This is the one with huge wheels in the back which makes it workable for the patient themselves to push around.

They are accessible in a lightweight, which can be somewhere in the range of 27 – 35 pounds, which for a wheelchair is light. (Standard manual wheelchairs can weigh as much as 40 pounds.) There are extra-wide wheelchairs just as bariatric wheelchairs, which are heavier and bulkier, yet offer solid dependability and backing for heavier loads.

Body size, shape, and construct

The physical form of the individual utilizing the seat is something critical to consider before purchasing. This incorporates age, as youngsters and grown-ups require various seats. Sexual orientation, body-weight, and stature are additionally contemplations that a respectable seller will see when attempting to locate the correct seat for you. This is the reason it is so imperative to meet with versatility geniuses for an appraisal to figure out which alternatives are generally feasible and commonsense.

The hidden conclusions and clinical needs

The explanation you are utilizing the wheelchair is additionally an appropriate thought; this may identify with your quality and continuance, which may preclude manual or electric choices. People living with the loss of motion or removal will have particular needs, while those utilizing the seat for poor equalization and fall-hazard will have others. Examine this with during starting counsel to decide out wheelchairs that just are not fit your physical condition and clinical needs.

Things to Keep in Mind

The size and weight of the wheelchair ought to be given top need. It is those two highlights that will decide the mobility of the seat and in this way how many opportunities you have.

A lightweight wheelchair that weighs between 25 to 35 pounds it’s a lot simpler to lift into a vehicle trunk. They are additionally helpful and simple to crease and convey while voyaging. You can’t overlap mechanized wheelchairs.

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