For the longest time now, marketers have made us believe lies about bottled water. Don’t be fooled by big brand names or the crystal clear bottled water. It is probably doing more harm than good to you and the environment as well. Here are the 4 top reasons why you should skip bottled water every time you are shopping for groceries;

  1.    It has no difference from tap water

Let’s be honest, we are all skeptical about tap water. In fact, most people do not trust water that runs directly from the tap. Bottled water is given the upper hand but in reality, it is not any better than tap water. It equals the so called tap water which is somewhat safer.

Research has proven that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strictly inspects tap water, aka municipal water to ensure that it is chemical and bacteria-free. It has also been revealed that up to 70% of water companies don’t undergo Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection. Additionally, some of the fancy bottled water is usually from taps.

  1.    It costs more than it benefits you

According to studies, a gallon of bottled water costs about $7.50 and a significant increase of 6.5% on the amount spent on bottled water was recorded between 2011 and 2012. It has no added value to make it this costly. In reality, anything expensive is top quality and equally efficient. Well, this is not the case with bottled water. Simply put, bottled water is glorified tap water and not what you are made to think. In short, you are spending too much for too little value and don’t even know it.

  1.    Great environmental pollutant

First of all, plastic bottles have an extremely slow decay rate. Second, every year, about 1.5 million tons of plastic bottles from bottled water are disposed off as waste. Even though most of these waste is used by beverage companies, 80 percent is not.

These useless plastics eventually find their way into the environment – Simply Plastics on the other hand are for there big or small projects, therefore not polluting the earth, and that’s what plastic should only be used for as it poses less as risks to all forms of life.

A study done in the United States by the National Geographic has shown that about half a billion water bottles in purchases are made every week. A few of these bottles are recycled and this shows the level of negligence on the control of environmental pollutants.

  1.    The good taste is a marketing hoax

Bottled water tastes great, we cannot take that away from it. But what you don’t know is that this is a way to deceive you into believing that it is sustainable. Chances are that it is tap water passed through some sort of filter to enhance the taste. Dasani and Fiji are some of the well-known culprits for this.

For a fact, some bottles are cheaply packaged hence may leak harmful chemicals linked to serious health problems into the water. So, don’t be tricked into thinking that the good taste equals safe. An excellent way out of this is to filter your own tap water. You can find an efficient water cooler and enjoy legit clean water.

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