While there are many controversial topics currently making headlines from the fields of science, one particular subject is gaining much attention from the medical faculties and mainstream media. Cannabis has been the subject of political controversy and social confusion for close to a century, and most of us know of at least one person or friend who has run into some trouble for having or using it, though things are changing now. Proper funding for legitimate research to discover the properties and qualities of this plant are gaining much-needed interest, and as more states and countries begin to decriminalise Cannabis, other possible uses are showing further potential for other markets. A very popular product that has been available for some time now is CBD oil. If you have not heard of CBD oil yet, read more here and consider yourself a little more informed. This site has information in Swedish regarding CBD oil, benefits, and uses.

Understanding The Basics

Cannabis is loaded with dozens of compounds called cannabinoids and the most abundant of these is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and this is the part responsible for the psychoactive effects that Cannabis is mostly known for. Cannabinoids perform functions specifically affecting the endocannabinoid system throughout the body which helps to regulate mood, sleep, appetite and more subtle psychological processes. Each of the variety of compounds binds to a particular cannabinoid receptor, for instance, CBN fastens to CB-2 receptors and CBG acts as a low-affinity antagonist to the CB-1 receptors. Cannabidiol (CBD) has massive medical potential and that’s not a bold over-statement. It acts on both the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors while maintaining a low binding affinity, possibly mediated by other receptors in the body or brain. With no psychoactive influence on the brain, CBD is ideal for this and a number of reasons.

Replacing Harmful Pharmaceuticals

A very large amount of hemp, which naturally contains no THC, can be processed at high costs to obtain a small amount of CBD oil, making the resulting product quite expensive. Techniques and methods have been devised to create a CBD isolate that drastically lowers the cost, but it still contains very small amounts of THC and though much anecdotal evidence suggests that a balance between CBD and THC is important, research has found that CBD on its own has some serious qualities. The research thus far suggests treatment applications that can replace current, much more volatile, medications. The shocking list of side effects of the pills produced today by pharmaceutical companies has just gotten more alarming. A naturally occurring chemical with such properties, potentially freely available, seems to have sparked a revolution of sorts. Instead of prescribing things like Xanax, medical practitioners are trying out the more natural approach to healing patients.

A Wide-Spectrum Treatment

CBD oil is reported to help with alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, relief from anxiety, deeper sleep, more controllable appetite and studies are now finding that CBD oil also drastically reduces seizures in epilepsy sufferers, and while Cannabis has long been used for various cancer treatments in various ways, CBD oil is now making further progress for those fighting the big one.

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